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Istanbul and its district. Istanbul. Dolmabakhches palace. Palaces of Turkey, art of Turkey

Istanbul and its district. Istanbul. Dolmabakhches palace. Palaces of Turkey, art of Turkey

Very gold palaces of Turkey
The tourist trip to the country will not do without acquaintance to historical sights of Turkey. Dolmabakhche's (Dolmabahce Palace) palace is open ежедн., not including пн and чт, 9. 00-16. 00 (only one and a half hour excursions with the guide; in Selyamlik (Selamlik) — 12YTL, in a harem — 8YTL), during a hot season tickets it is necessary to order an entrance fee beforehand). It is the greatest and smartest palace on coast of Bosporus, with a 600-metre facade leaving to the sea. Constructed in the XIX century Balyan's members of the family, it not so much stately, how many grotesque, also represents pleasant demonstration of decline of taste which accompanied the general decline of the country. Critics consider that the construction style which has come from the West of a palace was the last attempt to return respect of already won empire which was scattered on a part. Let's note, what even the most cheap trips to Turkey will fill up your luggage of knowledge about this original country.
The palace is on the bank of Bosporus in that place from which Mekhmed Zavoyevatel has rushed to attack to Constantinople. At first XVII century by order of Ahmed I the gulf has been filled absolutely up with stones (долмабахче in Turkish means «the filled gardens»). Then there have built for needs of the sultan some small suburban palaces and pavilions which have been taken down for an embodiment in life of the new project Abdoul Medical kike, a palace which could change Topkapy as the residence of sultans of the Ottoman Empire. The palace in Turkey has been constructed between 1843 both 1856 the Armenian architect Balyan and his offspring Nikogosom. Guides during excursion povsevremenno repeat that all yellowish that you see — this gold. The palace decor — this true test for emotions therefore try to ignore the most striking standards of bad taste and to concentrate on it is sensitive the least vulgar sights, for example type-setting parquet floors, translucent sultan baths from pink alabaster or eminent double ladders with crystal balustrades. The throne-room with ceilings in height of 36 m (it is twice more than a height of ceilings in other rooms) and 56 carved columns divides a palace on селамлык and a harem.
Magnificent arts of Turkey
Ceremonies passed here under music of the orchestra executing the European marches. They through lattices of cafe were watched by ladies of a harem whom hid from foreign eyes even at the time of a westernisation and other reforms passing in the country. One of the candelabrums of a throne-room greatest in the world with 750 bulbs in weight in four tons has been presented to the sultan by the queen of England Victoria. Right there in 1938 in own personal apartments the founder of the Turkish Republic Ataturk was lost. In east wing of a palace, in the former rooms of the successor of a throne, the Museum of magnificent arts of Turkey (Resim ve Heykel Muzesi) takes place, is open with ср on вс, 10. 00-16. 00, entrance free). Usually from within servants Kaymakamlik which are in 300 m on the avenue from a head entrance in a palace there come. The best standards of a collection of a museum belong to the end of XIX — to the beginning of the XX century and give fascinating digression to how lived and that Turks of times of a decline of the Ottoman Empire appreciated. Masterpieces of a collection are Osman Hamdi-Beya (1842-1910) works, the first Muslim Turkish artist, whose cloths have appeared in the West. In a museum are presented, for example, his picture «The woman with mimosas» and a beautiful list of a door of the mosque, executed by his pupil, Shevretom Dayem. Modern structures in Turkey have almost European architecture, are well-planned, rest in Turkey in apartments will be very comfortable.

For inhabitants of the Volga region Turkey from Saratov is offered.

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To Olt. Vacation spots in Turkey what to have a look on the way to them

Near the river in OLT (OLTU) there is a 1st of fortresses, ponovy built up first Ottomans, and later perfectly restored in 2002. 18 more km on the North will lead you to an intersection with the highway 80 on which it is necessary to turn to the left as there

BUREAUCRACY. Government agencies in the small towns of Turkey. The code of inhabitants of Turkey

The code to which inhabitants of Turkey followDealing with Turks, you probably will face 3 things: bureaucracy, red tape and red tape. Inhabitants of Turkey follow the Swiss code: «that is not authorised, is forbidden». Any trifle is registered in the Turkish

Selchuk and his district on the detailed map of Turkey are surrounded with an abundance of old temples in Turkey

Where the main temples of Turkey are placed The main sight of the district are ruins of an old Hilt where it is possible to reach by a taxi in Turkey. But it is necessary to visit and some other places, including Shirindzhes (Sirince) nice village which was

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