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BUREAUCRACY. Government agencies in the small towns of Turkey. The code of inhabitants of Turkey

BUREAUCRACY. Government agencies in the small towns of Turkey. The code of inhabitants of Turkey

The code to which inhabitants of Turkey follow
Dealing with Turks, you probably will face 3 things: bureaucracy, red tape and red tape. Inhabitants of Turkey follow the Swiss code: «that is not authorised, is forbidden». Any trifle is registered in the Turkish Trading code. The innumerable normative legal acts adopted by the municipal ministries, are valid the law. Residence in Turkey obliges to be well informed povsevremenno about the last configurations in the legislation as they are brought rather quite often. At any appeal in local authorities, whether it be business registration in Turkey or carrying out a telephone strip, is required mass of the documents quite often still certified at the notary. It is necessary to put to any demand дилекче (practically — «a request statement»), made in strictly certain form.
Establishments in the small towns of Turkey
Near government agencies it is quite often possible to meet "polar foxes" with starenky typewriters which help to make official applications that who does not know how true to make it. Nearby you by all means find copy and photomasterful. It is necessary to put more than 5 photos of a passport format to the majority of statements — better to a descent to order the whole pack. Various bureaucrats in the same case can claim for various sets of documents. Government agencies in the small towns of Turkey are overflowed by people who stand in queues for necessary signatures and the seals. You can defend in 6 turns and collect 6 various signatures — and all receiving the delivered parcel. Council to tourists in Turkey - never argue with the bureaucrat, after all destiny of the document necessary to you absolutely within his power. No matter what quarrel — and your statement will lay down under cloth. The Turkish proverb speaks:« At whom in hands the press, is allocated with Solomon's power». We will help you to pick up the permit to Turkey and to make all necessary papers.

Turkey from Cheboksary. Plunge into the world new and beautiful

Where to live

To Olt. Vacation spots in Turkey what to have a look on the way to them

Near the river in OLT (OLTU) there is a 1st of fortresses, ponovy built up first Ottomans, and later perfectly restored in 2002. 18 more km on the North will lead you to an intersection with the highway 80 on which it is necessary to turn to the left as there

Selchuk and his district on the detailed map of Turkey are surrounded with an abundance of old temples in Turkey

Where the main temples of Turkey are placed The main sight of the district are ruins of an old Hilt where it is possible to reach by a taxi in Turkey. But it is necessary to visit and some other places, including Shirindzhes (Sirince) nice village which was

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