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Coast of the Dark sea. Western part of the Black Sea coast of Turkey. Sinop and its district. The small town of Turkey and the most noteworthy excursions in Turkey

Coast of the Dark sea. Western part of the Black Sea coast of Turkey. Sinop and its district. The small town of Turkey and the most noteworthy excursions in Turkey

The most ancient small town of Turkey
The 1st that you will notice at arrival to this city of Turkey — a small lock-up (Prison) which is on Sakarya Caddesi Street nearby to отогара (otogar). The lock-up since 1882 is placed in the former building of shipyard and a bastion of a local fortress. City walls of Sinop entice till this moment to for themselves attention and, despite of that that time has not spared them, remain the main local sight. the 1st strengthenings have been constructed here Greek by population of the small town of Turkey - colonists in the VII century BC. At the time of the Pontiysky kingdom on an isthmus there were new strengthenings, and each following conqueror in them completed something, fixed and adapted for new problems till that time, while at Byzantines they not достигнули lengths of 2 km. The most part of the remained constructions has been constructed just by Byzantines and genoeses, and are a little modified сельджуками later. Significant sites of strengthenings are lost, but almost everything has escaped, in particular a northern bastion of Kumkapy (Kumkapi) standing out in the sea. Below in harbour there is a powerful square tower, fine sea types from where open. In the same place it is possible to wander at the walls located near sites.
Unusual and most noteworthy excursions in Turkey
I wish to warn you: be afraid of malicious ravens which, most likely, consider this piece of a beach of Turkey — they can dive on you from above and peck in the head or a back. If to go from Kumkapy on the East, Sakarya Caddesi will bring you to Alaeddin Dzhamiya (Alaeddin Camii) oldest in the small town of a seldzhuksky mosque of the XIII century. To get on the most fascinating excursion trip in Turkey it is possible through a shady yard with central shadyrvany. Its blue porch conducts in a usual internal room which essentially revives excellent мимбар. Behind a mosque there is Alaye Medresesi (Alaiye Medresesi) which treats 1260. Its most perceptible part is the entrance portal trimmed with marble. In honour of vizier Muyin al-Dean Souleymane who has based it it still call to Pervan Medresesi. Seldzhuksky sultans conferred a title on the main advisers перване ("butterfly"), and immortalised in the madrasah title the vizier was so могущественен that in 1264 has finished the sovereign and undividedly governed before the invasion of Mongols in 1278.
The most fascinating excursion trip in Turkey
Having taken place in the northern direction on one of lateral streets at the end of Sakarya Caddesi, you will approach to a place of the most fascinating excursion in Turkey - to a Sinop museum (Museum) with a collection of the relics most ancient of which treat a bronze age. Many of exhibits have been found in Kodzhagyoza, a place of archeological excavations in several kilometres to the southwest from Sinop. During the current time the museum is closed on reconstruction, but behind a low fence on its backyard the Roman amphoras and the small mosaics reminding of days when Sinop was basic shopping centre where the ships with wine and olive oil came are perfectly visible. On the district belonging to a museum also there are the main sights of Turkey opened in 1951 rather spacious ruins of the Hellenistic temple of Serapis (Temple of Serapis). Up on Kemalettin Sami Pasa Caddesi you will reach to thrown Balat-lar Kilisa (Balatlar Kilise), the Byzantian church of the VII century. with the remains of old frescos. Here also there are some mosques with tombs though your attention it is worthy, perhaps, only located on a top of a hillock and Seyit Bilal Dzhamy (Seit Bilal Camii) trimmed with a decorative tile. The trip to Turkey on the sea will amuse not only only beach rest, you will get acquainted with local sights.

Tver, rounds to Turkey are very profitable.

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