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Yangzi Tszyutszyans pool and Lushan. Tszyutszyans popular Chinese sights

Yangzi Tszyutszyans pool and Lushan. Tszyutszyans popular Chinese sights

Tszyutszyan's place in the history of China during new time
Now cost of a trip to China allows to travel at all to very comfortable people. Small, but always last basic central пт for river transport ЦЗЮЦЗЯН (Nine Rivers) costs on Yangzi's southern coast, near to a place where the river incorporates protowhich to the lake Poyang Hu. The city has begun promptly grow in an era of a dynasty of Mines at the expense of brisk trade in the tszindechzhensky porcelain exported from here to all corners of China. Very destroyed during Tayninsky revolt, Tszyutszyan it was restored to life in the 1860th, already as port of free trade – popular Chinese business for Tszyutszyan. Now, despite of the catastrophic flood which has flooded the centre of Tszyutszyan in 1998, - the city endures revival. The history of China during new time for many cities was difficult. Docks and streets adjoining them from a dawn to a decline rage a stormy life. The western part of the small town, Yangzi's boundaries and the lake to Gantankh, - modern Tszyutszyan's most fascinating zone. Here summer holiday in China is accompanied by the filled small streets with the malekhanky little shops trading in bright summer clothes, porcelain and hardware utensils of local production.
Tszyutszyan's Chinese sights
On the peninsula in the middle of the lake you are expected by local Chinese sights. Practically all tiny island occupies bright pavilion of Yanshuy (ежедн.; 08. 00-20. 00; CNY 10) - harmoniously equilibrium structure of an era of the Mines, erected in memory of the poet and the bureaucrat of an era Tan Li Bo, constructed a foot dam and the crescent-shaped gate of dock now almost completely restored. On Bintszyanla (Binjiang Lu), to the northeast from Gantankh, there is Syunyanlou (ежедн.; with 09. 00 late; CNY 6) - wood винодельня, looking at the Provinces of Anhui and Hubei through Yangzi. Constructed in 1986, this reconstruction ancient винодельни the era Tan described in the novel «River creeks», the Chinese option of a legend about Robin Goode. This interesting story, which action is played in the main thing in lands of the Province of Zhejiang lying to the east, knows about 108 rebellious heroes who quite often behaved more bloodthirstily, than bureaucrats of the Sunsky dynasty oppressing them. In due time Mao has become engrossed in reading of River creeks. On a back wall винодельни future leader of robbers Sung Chiang, having much drunk, has imprudently written some revolutionary verses. Sentenced to mortal execution, it has been released at the last minute by the associates. Those who is familiar with this history, will simply find out in the porcelain figurines placed in a hall, Sung Chiang, Whether «Black Whirlwind» Forging, madman professionally owning an axe, and other heroes of a legend. In the restaurant arranged on the second floor, China as it is clear, is famous for own kitchen. Offered there дунпо жоудин (a stewed pork stomach), river fish, a duck «Eight treasures», fried eggs-boltunya with greenish pepper or сунъян дабин (the fritters prepared on the recipe, invented by one of robbers) - on taste of cancellation. Such makary, Chinese cuisine is very diverse and unusual for the unsophisticated.

Rounds from Omsk to China on all canons of good rest: the best hotels, unforgettable excursions and campaigns, the most beautiful landscapes and palaces. All this waits for you.

What to have a look

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Yangzi Tszyutszyans pool and Lushan. Natural Chinese sights Lushanya

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