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Pyramids in Giza the Pyramid Mikerina (Menkaura)

Pyramids in Giza the Pyramid Mikerina (Menkaura)

Located on the smooth slope passing to the hilly desert, smallest of pyramids of Giza says about decreasing power and devotion. Hefrena Menkaur begun by the successor (which Greeks named Mikerin), it has been finished with unprecedented haste his offspring Shepses-kaf who, probably, possessed the smallest power, than the 100th predecessors, and depended on priests. Herodotus knows a legend that the oracle has given Mikerina only 6 years of life therefore, to make a fool of destiny, it had fun round put, doubling the year quantity of memoirs. Other history knows that the pyramid in fact has been constructed by Rodofis, Thracian court which achieved from Mikerin each guest cost of the 1st block (by estimates, the construction consists of 200 open companies of blocks).
As the lower part of a pyramid is revetted with an Aswan granite, it from time to time call the Reddish pyramid (this name use also to one of pyramids Spofra in Dakhshura). Relative shortage of facing blocks is connected with activity of the sultan of the twelfth century, court which have assured him to test to damage a pyramid, eight months later this project has been reasonably stopped. Medieval Arab chroniclers quite often ranked all pyramids of Giza to one governor who bragged:« I, Surid, the governor, have built these pyramids in sixty one years. Let the one who will come after me, will try to damage them for 600. It is easier to damage, than to build. I have dressed them in silk, let it will try to cover them with mats». The pyramid interior (during the current time it is closed for public) is unusual: not trimmed chamber is in a superstructure, and the funeral chamber - underground. Here Weiss has found the basalt sarcophagus later lost in the sea on the way to Britain, also human remains which he has considered belonging to Menkaur. At present they are registered on substitution of times of the XXVI dynasty and are in the English museum.
Three minor pyramids, rather whole funeral temple and way to truth enter into a complex in the plain (during the current time it is filled up) also. To the northwest from the last temple there is having a sarcophagus form a tomb of the queen the Hentkaves intriguing figures which, seemingly, was the bridge connecting transition from IV to the V dynasty. It is considered that after Shepseskaf's death, the last Pharaoh of the IV dynasty which spouse was Hentkaves, the queen, maybe, has married the priest of god of the Sun and has given rise several tsars who have been buried in Sakkar or Abu-Sire (where it has built still a pyramid).
The most successful view of pyramids reveals from a point to the South from Mikerin's pyramid. The most part of tourists stop (together with drivers
Kerdassa and Harraniyya
horses and camels and dealers of knickknacks) повдоль the asphalted road to 400 m to the West from a pyramid.
This place in particular is popular in the end of day when the sun is in the suitable direction. In the afternoon, but, it is better to do a photo from the southeast though early in the afternoon quite often there is a haze. The best type of all pyramids close from each other reveals from a crest to the South from Mikerin's pyramid.

What to have a look

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