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Huang He, Tayan and Tai Shan. Religious traditions of China in the middle of people of China. The mountain deity drawing many tourists in China

Huang He, Tayan and Tai Shan. Religious traditions of China in the middle of people of China. The mountain deity drawing many tourists in China

Religious traditions of China and Mount Tai Shan
Tai Shan generally than all other sacred mountains, has used an arrangement of tsars therefore also greatness of own monuments - temples and pavilions - should almost in everything to patronage of a pravitelsky yard. On a top Tayshanya tsars from generation to generation surveyed the possession, made sacrifices and brought gifts to an unfortunate deity. From time to time their environment lasted from the top to the mountain bottom - 8 km of grandiosity and ostentatious wealth – are that religious traditions of China of that era. In 219 under the decree Qin Shikhuandi on a slope of the mountain the road that the governor could pass here in own carriage accompanied by imperial guard in a departure time of pyshnovaty ceremonies the fan (sacrifices to the Sky) and чань (sacrifices to Earth) has been laid. Wishing to get warm in beams of glory not subject to time Tayshanya, lords of China appropriated a grief the most various names and solved impressing projects. Except construction of temples in tradition of China there was a uvekovechivaniye on стелах thoughts and visits of tsars, and painters of a word cut the poem and dedication a grief on all available sites of a rocky surface. The native of Shandong, Confucius too has visited Tai Shan - the temple in his honour costs in the shadow of the highest peak.
Tourists of China and noteworthy places Tayshanya on the way to a top
In recent years the big museum has open-air reincarnated in the religious park directed on a certain subject, and on a track conducting to a top, the invariable procession from tourists lasts. On slopes Tayshanya you find both a photographer's studio, and souvenir trays, both tea lodges, and stalls with soft drinks. Here tourists of China adore to be photographed, local handicraftsmen will cut out your name on a commemorative medal, and at the dealers wandering on walls, you can get plesnevy mushrooms and a ginseng. Halfway to a top the bus station and ropeway station are placed. But, despite of all this, Tai Shan keeps the magnificence and greatness atmosphere. Both the mountain, and constructions on it on for itself are unusually magnificent - their beauty eclipses a triviality of tourist objects. Tourist trips to China will be filled with special impressions if all of you отважтесь to rise by a top Tayshanya.
People of China and the beliefs connected with Tayshanem
Magnificently to create in the middle of booming crowds of tourists of the real pilgrims. Daoism, after the long period of oblivion to which he was doomed by the communistic authorities, has again revived and prospers. You will surely see on a way to a top of the bearded Taoist monk. People of China come here to pray to Bisya Yuantszyun, the Madam of Azure clouds, the Taoist deity, capable I let's relieve of infertility. Tai Shan also takes a basic place in folklore tradition of the Shandong peasantry. It agrees to one of local beliefs, the person who has risen by a top Tayshanya, will live till 100 years. Except pilgrims in the middle of tourists you will see also small groups of the porters balancing with luggage behind shoulders on a zigzag track, and then practically run going down to the bottom in hope to catch the new client. Happens, they подымаются on the mountain on three times for day, allowing for itself only one day off during a week. Beauty salons in China and other similar joys fade before chance to participate in running uphill. On Tai Shan competitions are held - who will more quickly reach a top. You can accept a role in it if will arrive on rest in September to China. The won foreigner is waited by a prize (for references address in CITS)

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