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When Your Child’s Ambition Is Greater Than You Ever Imagined

Some children tend to be especially driven, passionate, and intense from the start. They seem to have an endless amount of energy and are willing to give 110 percent each time they do what they love. As a parent, however, you are always walking the fine line between being encouraging and being pushy. Fortunately for her, all the hard work has paid off. This was an accomplishment she achieved all on her own. But it’s a constant battle, too. As with any competitive sport, there are good days, and there are horrible days. She’s such a perfectionist that aside from being in pain, she was angry. It’s easy to become frustrated and sometimes you wonder (especially as a parent) whether it’s all worth it. Whether it’s worth all the early mornings, the money, the injuries, and the potential heartbreak your child may suffer. Then you see kids like those featured in our Citizen Kid campaign. My eyes actually filled up with tears when I watched Hailey’s video below. She is only 9 years old and dreams of being an Olympic ice skater. She wants other kids to love the ice as much as she does, so she’s found a way for people to donate their old ice skates and hockey equipment so other children can use it. Watch Hailey’s story in the video below:

Hailey is doing extraordinary things and learning important lessons every single day. I love how she mentions that everybody falls when they skate but that she just gets up and does it all over again. This is something I repeat to my daughter before every single practice and competition. It’s a great message for both kids and adults to remember. Are you raising a particularly ambitious child? Here are my five tips for helping them to channel their passions:
Support your child unconditionally. Balance things out. Encourage giving back.  
Milk powers the potential of ordinary kids to do extraordinary things. Learn more about #CitizenKid and Milk Life.

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parenting babble

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