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Getting Animated for Planes: Fire and Rescue — My Day as a Voice Actress

When I found out I was going to experience what it was like to be a voice actress on Disney’s Planes: Fire and Rescue, I could not contain my excitement. For years I have daydreamed about being a voice on a cartoon. No need to memorize your lines, no need to get fitted for wardrobe or spend hours in a makeup chair. Some stars even had studios within their homes, so if I was really successful, I could simply roll out of bed and talk for a living. Right?! I eagerly walked into the booth with swagger. How hard could this be? I just read the lines on the paper and then the animators will match up what I say to the animation. It is fast paced. There IS memorization. You may not be spending hours in makeup, but you should be prepared to spend hours jumping around and moving. Julie Bowen expertly voices the character of Dipper for the big screen, but I’d like to think I made a pretty solid understudy.

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parenting babble

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