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The Magic of Disney

I’ve enjoyed sharing my Disney stories and anecdotes with you, but since my days as a regular contributor to this site are coming to a close, I want to take this opportunity to share just one more magical memory with all of you, to help you understand what Disney means to me and so many others. That evening we shivered through our last chilly night of the conference and hoped for a nicer Saturday before flying back to the Maryland snow. We ran through our morning riding Thunder Mountain Railroad wearing cozy gloves to warm our hands, and bracing ourselves against the wind as Dumbo flew through the air. In the final hours before we left for our flight home, we were strolling from Fantasyland into Tomorrowland when suddenly, for the first time in days…seemingly in weeks…the sun broke through the clouds. Everyone around us stopped walking and burst into applause. The people walking towards the Tomorrowland Speedway, everyone heading into Cosmic Ray’s for lunch, the line forming at Space Mountain – everyone. Where else do we feel such a sense of freedom, of shared happiness with everyone around us? To me, that is the magic of Disney.

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parenting babble

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