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My In-Laws Moved to Disney

I want you to see how my family feels when we’re in Disney Parks:

Some families spend a week each summer at the beach. When I need to disappear from everything in this world threatening to pull me under, I pack up my family and fly us to Orlando where we promptly board Disney’s Magical Express and hide away in Disney Parks and Resorts. It is my personal oasis, the place where I restore my sanity. And my in-laws now live there. They’ve actually moved to a community for active, older folks about 20 minutes away from the Epcot parking lot. However, they moved from Texas. If you live on the east coast, Texas may just as well be on the other side of the earth. It’s not close to me, and it’s not close to the things that I love most in this world. 20 minutes away. First off, I no longer need to visit Texas. If you’re from Texas, I extend to you my sincerest apologies. If you’re from the northeast, you understand. I was a fish out of water in that place, and both the Lone Star State and I agree that it’s best we part ways. The move also offers a wonderful twofer opportunity. Kill two birds with one magical stone! But the reality is this: I tend to visit Walt Disney World more often than I visit my in-laws. Today marked my first attempt to plan a Disney Parks vacation that includes a visit with the in-laws, and it ended with an invitation to sleep on air mattresses 20 minutes away from the Epcot parking lot. Suddenly that distance seemed as far away as Texas is from the northeast. I guess we could always fly to Orlando and not tell them we’re there?

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parenting babble

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