Carrying lumber by car


Transport lumber on your car safely and securely with just a few pieces of rope. Tie one rope to a solid structure in the trunk —a trunk hinge, for example—and make a loop at the other end. Secure a second rope under the hood and form another loop. At the lumberyard, slip the wood through one loop and then hitch the other one in position. To keep the lumber from lurching back and forth, tie a third rope around the lumber and secure it to the win­dow post. Use foam or towels to protect the side of your car.

Подпись: TIPS ON BUYING LUMBER • Make two copies of your cutting list (page 44); give one to the lumberyard and keep one for yourself. • When ordering hardwoods, request realistic sizes. Large planks of some species are not available; hardwoods are generally available in random widths and lengths. • Whenever possible, inspect the lumber you will be buying. • Examine each board to see how it will fit into your project. Where appropriate, test-fit boards together for a good visual match; if, for example, you are building a table, line up the boards you have selected for the tabletop to be certain they form an interesting pattern. • Once you have selected the boards you intend to buy, be sure to leave the pile neatly stacked. Lumber that is not stacked correctly tends to warp and can be damaged.

• Seasoning: Lumber is sold either kiln-dried (KD) or air-dried (AD). The practical difference between the two is that KD wood has a lower moisture con­tent—about 8 percent, while air-dried, high-density hardwoods generally have a moisture content range of 20 to 25 per­cent. Softwoods and lower-density hard­woods are air-dried to 15 to 20 percent moisture content. KD lumber is there­fore preferable for making indoor fur­niture, because the wood is unlikely to dry out any further; as well, the kiln’s heat allows the wood’s cells to reposi­tion, reducing the likelihood of warp­ing and checking. This does not mean you need to restrict yourself to buying only KD lumber, however; in fact, many carvers prefer moister wood, making AD wood a better choice for them. You can bring air-dried wood to the appropriate moisture level for cabinetmaking, as shown in the Drying and Storing Wood chapter (page 78).

• Surfacing: Also known as dressing, surfacing refers to how lumber has been prepared at the mill before it is sent to the lumberyard. Lumber that is surfaced is usually surfaced on both sides: S2S lumber has been planed smooth on both faces, while S4S wood has had both faces planed and both edges jointed. Rough, or unsurfaced, lumber (Rgh) is less expensive than either S2S or S4S wood, and if you own a planer and a jointer, you can save money by surfacing rough lumber in your shop (page 53).

A sample order for wood at a lum­beryard might be as follows: 100 bd. ft. % FAS red oak, S2S. This would amount to 100 board feet of nominally 2-inch - thick FAS (Firsts and Seconds) grade red oak with both faces planed smooth.

Once you receive your lumber, check it carefully to make sure you are getting what you want. If the order does not meet your specifications, do not feel obliged to buy it.

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