Botanical Name: Microberlinia brazzaviWeneie Distinctive in appearance, zebrawood comes from two species of large trees found mainly in Cameroon and Gabon, West Africa. While it is usually seen as a veneer in North America, when quartersawn this timber can give beautiful results in solid form. Zebrawood is difficult to work, however, and veneers tend to be fragile. Other Names: Zingana (France, Gabon); Allen ele, amouk (Cameroon); zebrano.

Source: West Africa.

Characteristics: Wavy to interlocked grain; medium to coarse texture; heartwood pale yellow brown with thin darker streaks; sapwood white.

Uses: Turning, tool handles, skis, inlay, furniture, cabinetwork and decorative veneers.

Workability: Fair; dulls cutting edges moderately; interlocked grain will tend to tear; suffers from high shrinkage and may be unstable in use. Flat-cut boards hard to dry.

Finishing: Fair; may be difficult to finish because of interlocked grain. , ,

Weight: 45-50 Ib./cu. ft. л

Price: Expensive.

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