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Where tourists in China — museums, mausoleums and pagodas of Kashgar

aspire Where tourists in China - museums, mausoleums and pagodas of Kashgar

Travel to China will be obligatory to be accompanied by visit of basic monuments, you will be surely struck by the main sights of China. Most closer to the centre of Kashgar Yousaf Balasagu-ni's Tomb, the Uigur poet and the philosopher of the XI century is placed. In several kilometres to the East from the centre, on Tarboguela, there is a Kashgar Museum of the Stately silk way. A unique exhibit of a museum - the mummy of a steel eyelid found in the desert near to the small town. The different most ancient manuscripts found in old settlements on the Silk way are stored in a museum collection also, namely, кхарошти (from Hotan), also usual pottery for this sort of museums, artefacts from a tree and metal, certain of which are dated 1000. The greatest reminiscence from all Kashgar tombs is made by Abakh Hodzhi's Tomb. Many tourists in China here aspire. The mausoleum shows huge, reminding a mosque, a structure with a greenish dome and a minaret, decorated by white-blue tiles. Constructed in the XVII century, it served as a burial place for a number of the recognizable Uyghur, from them Abakh Hodzhi and his granddaughter Iparkhan called by Chinese of Syanfey, «The fragrant concubine» were most glorified. Outside of Kashgar, in the old small town of Hanoi, there are pagodas a pestilence. It is possible to reach there only by the car on the broken road (about 30 km to the East from the small town). From the pagodas which have fallen from time there were only hemp in height about 10 metres. But the remains of serf walls of an era Tan that is no time surrounded Hanoi, look very beautifully. To reach to a place it is possible or on the rented car, then the trip to China without the aid of others will give you new feelings, or by a taxi.

Rounds to China from Kemerovo for all family. Present a holiday for itself and to relatives – order round to this delightful country.

What to have a look

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