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Peninsula Hvar.

Peninsula Hvar.

Peninsula Hvar.

If you travel in round across Croatia, visit one of its islands. Hvar, one of the most advertised Croatian islands, represents a narrow turning green strip of the earth with gear hollows and a lavender cover. Tourism here develops without special harm for the nature, and the centre - the city of Hvar has kept own Venetian charm. From Split at least one sea flight to day here is organised, some other routes are laid in Starigrad (that in 4 km from here), buses in Hvar from where walk. The best view of HVAR city from the sea.

City of Hvar and its main area.

The city represents the tiny settlement in the gulf where on a white-brown background palm trees turn green and pines look out of each crevice. In the centre there is the main area with arcades of the Venetian arsenal which top circle has been built on in 1612 for placement there the oldest in Croatia and 1 of the first in Europe of theatre (ежедн. June-avg. 9. 00-13. 00 and 17. 00-23. 00; сент. - May 11. 00-24. 00, 10 кун). The theatre has been transformed to a cinema, but its baroque interior in the main thing has remained. On East side of the area there is Hvar's Cathedral (it is usually open in the mornings) - a construction of the XVI century with a facade of the XVIII century, representing peculiar mixture of Gothic style and style of an era of the Renaissance. It is necessary to come into a vestry of the bishop (ежедн. iyun-avg. 9. 00-12. 00 and 17. 00-19. 00, сент. - May 10. 00-12. 00, 10 кун) for the sake of beautiful meeting church потиров and tombs. If to pass further in starenky quarter, will see a fortress (the Agrarian Party of Russia. - сент. with 8. 00 to a decline, 10 кун) - a standard of military architecture of the XVI century. From it it is possible to inspect Hvar's panorama and nearby islands. From a fort pass to the Franciscan monastery of the XV century (pn-pt 10. 00-12. 00 and 17. 00-19. 00, 15 кун) that to the left of a bay. Nearby there is a monastic church - fine usual construction with delightful carved choruses.

Island beaches Hvar, restaurants and hotels.

Naiblezhayshiye beaches kamenist also are populous, therefore it is better to go is sensitive to the west to Pakleni отоци. From harbour the boat (journey one way 15 кун) to this chain of 11 woody islands on which there are bars and restaurants for tourists walks: the near peninsula - Erolim subsequent to it - Marinkovats, then - St. Kliment's peninsula (biggest). Keep in mind that on Pakleni it is forbidden to put tents.

What to have a look

Bakhariyapitaniyes oasis, drinks and night life

Food in Baviti healthy, but not impressing, as well as in the majority of other oases. Fried chickens, salad and rice can be eaten in several hotels and campings, but the most part of guests gravitate to Bavitis Popular Restoraunt which makes comprehensive dinners

Yangzi Tszyutszyans pool and Lushan. Natural Chinese sights Lushanya

Caves Lushanya and Chinese garden of TszesinThe trip to China without the aid of others will give you unforgettable memoirs. Occupying about 300 sq.km Lushansky highlands form the elliptic platform inclined to the southwest. The median part of a plateau is occupied

Neil Luksors plain Night life Night life. As rich people of Egypt carry out rest and what night clubs of Egypt are better for avoiding

Noteworthy night clubs of EgyptIf svetozvukovy show in Karnaka is considered one of the best sights of Egypt, night life of Luxor - only a pale shadow of entertainments of Hurghada. Tourists very much are tired of day excursions to go to night clubs of Egypt

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