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Movement across Egypt on the steel road. Safety of rest in Egypt is guaranteed by trains

Movement across Egypt on the steel road. Safety of rest in Egypt is guaranteed by trains

To buses in Egypt prefer trains
By the trains connecting limited quantity of the directions, it is most ideal to use at long moving between big small towns. Why, you ask? Simply cars with air conditioning are more comfortable candidate, than buses in Egypt and a taxi. However, on small distances of a train is more sluggish and are least reliable. There is a significant difference between rather quick trains with кондюками (including with sleepers) and creeping as snails local dushnovaty locomotives. After all average air temperatures in Egypt achieve for 40 degrees in the summer! Therefore with a view of safety of the power demand tourists to use only special trains with кондюками, going between Cairo and Northern Egypt, and clerks on the steel road do not realise to you tickets for others жд structures. The most part of tourists follow this rule. But if you have severe preconditions it to break, ask to get the ticket египтятина or take a suitable train and pay for journey to the conductor. Not including that, councils to tourists in Egypt will be such: if you the student with an ISIC card, know about a discount in 30 %; the truth, this privilege does not extend on berths in the equipped cars. The schedule of trains on more necessary routes can be found in a network about toure-gypt. net/trains. htm.
Safety of rest in Egypt is defined by militia and кондюки
To get round to Egypt quite easily, and here to move on it – not absolutely. In trains with kondyuky actually always two classes of cars. The most successful – the 1st (дарага оола), with service of the waiters, leaning-back chairs and a ban to stand in passes. To the chagrin, wishing early should go to bed to suffer for till midnight to them will stir a sound of working video. The conditioned cars of the second class of the highest level (дарага таниа мумтааза) are least soft and are more crowded that, in general, completely describes Egypt. The price for them on the third part is less on comparison to cars of the first class. From time to time in comfortable trains tickets are on sale only on the 1st or only the 2nd class. Safety of rest in Egypt happens different, and quite often in its advantage it is necessary to endow, so to speak, a personal place and conveniences. For example, between Cairo, Luxor and Aswan foreigners are authorised to use purely 4 "tourist" trains (three of them – with sitting places, and one – with sleepers) where you will be protected by policemen in full regimentals with "ultrasonography" submachine guns.
Economy plus harmless rest in Egypt
Earlier ordinary berths were an economic method to get over in a night to Luxor or Aswan, but now it is offered to tourists to go to most expensive of them. It is possible to test, of course, to use a taxi in Egypt, but it also will manage in a round sum. Nevertheless, the ordinary car of the first or second class at lower price is quite comfortable for night moving. Places can be reserved in seven days. From time to time with booking there are slips, but the small baksheesh to the conductor usually solves all questions. Discrepancy consists besides that turnaround tickets cannot be reserved in пт departure, therefore if it is necessary for you to come back to Cairo from Aswan/Luxor (or opposite), it is better to take care of it in day of arrival. By the way, to reserve hotel in Egypt also it is better in advance! As to journey, the most part of tourist agencies realises first class tickets with small the commission, relieving of need to stand in a queue. Approximate price of journey the such: the first class ticket from Cairo to Aswan costs about $14; the second class with the kondyuky – $8, 50.

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