Understanding the Mathematics of Personal Finance


Stock, bond, mutual fund, and option listings are readily available from many sources. If you want to start trading, you can do it over the phone with a broker or online directly. You can get advice or you can be totally self-directed. There is a huge range of commissions (costs) for executing trades. Do your homework here.

The link http://finance. yahoo. com/ gives market updates and has a tab that offers quotes. Following this link will give you stock, bond, and option listings. There’s a wealth of other resources available here, too.

The link http://www. aistockcharts. com/stock_correlation_tree_tool_help. htm offers a stock correlation tool. This link takes you to the introductory help page.

Vanguard (http://www. vanguard. com/us/FundsS tocksOverview? gh_sec=n? WT. srch=1) is a mutual fund seller with many different offerings. I’m not suggesting that this is better or worse than many other companies, but I think that this is a very educational site.

Merrill Lynch (http://www. mldirect. ml. com/) is a large financial services firm. Again, I ’ m not promoting this firm over the many others, but I think this is an informative website.

E*Trade (https://us. etrade. com/e/t/welcome/openanaccount? SC=NPNT8YD& WT. mc_id=NPNT8YD&WT. srch=1) is one of the new generation of financial ser­vices firms that started as an online company rather than adding online services to a traditional financial services company.

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Understanding the Mathematics of Personal Finance


This section uses a little math, but I’ll go through it slowly in small steps. As with the previous section, this section is not necessary if you don’t want to …

Taxation and Inflation

John Lennon once said, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” Both taxation and inflation, it seems, are parts of life—they happen to you while …


The pari-mutuel machine system used at race tracks offers a different approach to gambling. A roulette wheel owner is never sure what his or her daily operating cost will be; …

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