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Make Your Own Popsicles: 9 Simple Recipes for Delicious Frozen Treats

Does summer break feel like it’s starting to drag? Here at Babble, we know sometimes it feels nearly impossible to come up with enough fun ways to keep your little ones entertained. That’s why we put together The Ultimate Summer Bucket List! It’s packed with tons of kid-friendly activities to help you fill your days while making special family memories. From healthy choices made with fresh fruit to creamy, dreamy options for those days you need a little splurge… we’ve got them all! Get the recipe for Blueberry Cheesecake Popsicles
Photo by: Brooklyn Supper When life gives you lemons... well, you get the point. It must be the secret ingredient: bananas! Put a frozen twist on this childhood classic by adding some fruit to the mix. Get the recipe for Frozen Jello Fruit Popsicles
Photo by: Macki West Another classic dessert transformed into a frozen treat! These pops are made with yogurt, honey, banana pudding, and 'Nilla wafers. Get the recipe for Strawberry Shortcake Popsicles
Photo by: Brooklyn Supper Keep your cool on the hottest summer with these tart and sweet Cherry Pineapple Paletas. Get the recipe for Cherry Pineapple Paletas
Photo by: Nicole Presley Complete with whipped cream and graham cracker crust, we think these lemon meringue popsicles might just be better than the pie that inspired them! Find out how to make your own version of this frozen chocolate delight that will put the neighborhood ice cream truck to shame! Get the recipe for Homemade Chocolate Fudgesicles
Photo by: Brooklyn Supper  

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parenting babble

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