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7 Easy Ways To Make Your Relationship Sizzle

If I can stay awake.)
But this 4th of July, try to be inspired by all of those fireworks and put a little sizzle back into your relationship! Just don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, kids. Fake It
My husband always claims that a sexy woman is a confident woman, and I guess I would have to agree with him. In our almost seven years of marriage, I’ve spent the majority of my wifely time pregnant or nursing a baby, so it hasn’t exactly been a time of rip-roaring body confidence on my part, but when I’m feeling down about myself, you can bet that the intimate parts of our marriage see some downtime as well. But isn’t there something way more interesting about a partner who has his or her own interests, hobbies, and happenings going on in life? I don’t know about you, but I feel a lot better about myself when my husband asks me how my day was and I can actually report real happenstances instead of just, “Oh, you know…good…changed a diaper…and then another one.” Obviously, if you happen to be at home with young children like yours truly, it’s not about degrading your very real profession, but about throwing some mystery into the game and watching your relationship perk up just a bit. Then, I introduced him to the fun of playing hooky and hitting up the mall like the ridiculous lovestruck teenagers that we were — I still have those photo booth pictures! So make like my teenage self and play hooky for a day together during the week. Some of our best conversations happen late at night, with darkness spilling into our living room and the blessed silence of children sleeping above us. Right now, he’s working on a million and one woodworking projects — something I honestly have no interest in whatsoever — and often times, I’m tempted to give him the ol’ nod and smile. “Oh, hmm-mmm, that sounds nice,” when he tells me how his day went. But then I remember how awful I feel when I think he isn’t interested in the exciting exploits of my day (But no, really, you should have seen your son! He went potty twice, it was awesome!), so I muster up my wifely enthusiasm and pay attention. Usually I actually end up enjoying the discussion that ensues…who would have thought talking amongst spouses would be a good thing? As a stay-at-home mom and an often-pregnant woman, I admit that sometimes, I get a bit, well needy, is the word. I count the hours until my hubby comes home, OK? But when I try to hoard his every free moment like the chocolate treats in the secret kid-free cupboard, it tends to make both of us cranky. So I’m learning to back off, give him his own space, and meanwhile, cultivate my own kid-free interests so we can start the cycle all over again. Image via fivehanks/Flickr

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parenting babble

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