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Corrugated PVC hose machine

Corrugated PVC hose machine

Power supply 380V/3P/50Hz
Suitable Material PVC powder + additives
Suitable Pipe size ID8-OD58mm
Pipe size details OD 16, 20, 25,32mm
Pipe type single wall corrugated
Operation direction from right to left
Installed power 46kw
Load factor 50%-78%

List of machinery
Conical twin screw extruder: SJSZ-51/105
Extrusion die head
C58-B blowing moulding forming pipe Corrugator
Mould block, 16, 20, 25 and 32mm
Semi-automatic coiler
Control system
Spare parts

1. Conical twin screw extruder: SJSZ-51/105
Automatic loader 1.1Kw
1) Model SJSZ-51/105
2) Screw
Diameter 51/105mm
L/D 22:1
Screw Material 38CrMoAlA
Surface treatment nitrogen quenched
Screw speed 1-32r/min
3) Barrel
Barrel material 38CrMoAlA
Inner surface treatment nitrogen quenched
Heating Cast Aluminum
Heating power 18Kw
Cooling system air cooling
Cooling power 0.2Kw×3
4) Gear box
Box material HT200
Gear Helical
Gear material 20CrMoTi
Gear surface treatment Heat treatment, quenched
Bearing 40Cr
Cooling inner recycle water for cooling
5) Motor
Type AC motor
Power 18.5Kw
Inverter ABB
6) Electric element
Temp. Control meter omron
Contactor SIEMENS

2. Extrusion die head
a) Die head, male die and female die, for size 16, 20, 25, 32mm corrugated PVC pipes
b) Material: 40Cr
c) Heater: stainless heater band

3. Pipe Corrugator (Blow moulding type): C58-B
This technology consist of blowing low pressure (0,1-1,5 bar) through the die head spider into the center of the continuously extruded hot plastic tube. The air is retained by a plug.
The hot plastic material is expanded by the internal air pressure against the corrugation machined in the mould blocks which chill and holds the tube against the moulds to provide the desired geometry.
Horizontal type corrugator
Suitable corrugated pipe size ID10- OD58mm
Driving motor 3 KW
Inverter ABB
Max. Mechanical speed up to 25m/min
Cooling water cooling
Directly cooled for the walls of forming channel and the return channel
Height adjusting system, as well as lateral, height adjustable by motor driving
Movable on rails toward /backward the extrusion die head
Meter counter: AUTONICS
Automatic oil lubricating
Speed indicator
Emergency stop: Automatic pneumatic ejection
Mould temperature indicator

4. Mould block
Mould material: 40 Cr, nitrided
Total 2 set mould blocks, Two cavities (16mm+32mm) and (20+25mm) corrugated geometry as per sample or drawings provided by customer
Quantity of mold block for each set: 72pairs, Length of each pair mould block: 56.55mm
Total length of mould block chain: 4071.6mm (56.55mm*72paris)

5. Semi-automatic coiler
Automatic winding and laying

6. Control system
Low-voltage electrical components: Siemens
Temperature controller uses Omron brand from Japan
Inverters: ABB Brand
Screw RPM indicator on control panel
Extruder synchronize with corrugator for emergency stop

7. Spare parts
Thermocouples, 5pcs
Barrel heater, 2pcs
Heater for die head, 2pcs
Omron temperature controller, 1pcs
Special tools, 1set

Price, FOB Qingdao, China
Corrugated PVC hose machine, USD45,000
72 pairs Mould block 16+32mm, USD6,000
72 pairs Mould block 20+25mm, USD6,000
Total price: USD57,000

40% advance paid by T/T, 60% paid by T/T or L/C against shipping documents

Delivery time
60 days from receipt of advance

12 months from start up at buyer place

-The buyer Standard documentation (English version) complete.
- Complete electrical diagrams
- Detail manuals for all machines and equipment incorporated in line.

the extrusion operation is tested with basic material at seller factory until the finished product is obtained, as decribed in the contract.

Installation and start up
Seller sends technician to buyer’ factory for installation and training and buyer will pay for accommodation expense, round ticket and salary USD 80 per day.

Оборудование предприятий по переработке полимеровПОЛИМЕРЫ

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