Bulk SMS Software (Multi-Device Edition)

Bulk SMS Software (Multi-Device Edition)
Bulk SMS software (Multi- Device Edition) successfully broadcasts thousands of text messages over Worldwide without having any internet connection using GSM mobiles connected with PC.
You can easily connect multiple GSM mobile phones with PC and send unlimited text messages to your global mobile audiences via bulk SMS software. Mobile marketing program instantly sends product launching details, event reminders, market news, promoting services, seasonal greetings etc to your business partners, friends and relatives across the world without requiring internet connection.
Software is Beneficial for:
*IT companies
*MLM companies
*Hotels and resorts
*Telecom sector
*Government department
*Retail business
*Blood banks
*Railways and other type of similar sector.
Software Working Features:
*GSM mobile messaging software sends unlimited text messages over worldwide location in only few mouse clicks.
*Bulk SMS program offers list wizard facility to maintain lists of contacts or group.
*Text message software for GSM mobile quickly sends personalize SMS, job alerts, event alerts to your global mobile audiences within minimal time.
*Mass SMS software provides facility to attach number of GSM mobiles with your computer device to send unlimited text messages.
*Group SMS broadcasting tool supports Unicode languages to send thousands of text messages (from GSM mobiles) in any text formats.
*Easy to operate mobile messaging software provide highly interactive GUI feature with inbuilt help manual.
Helpful for sending:
*Share market information
*News alerts
*Job alerts
*Personalized SMS
*Product promotion campaign
*Event notifications
*Greetings and many more.
Software Requirements:
*Processor: - Pentium class and higher
*Memory space: - 256 MB RAM
*Free Hard disk space: - 10 MB
Supported Operating System
*Windows 7
*Windows VISTA (Vista Ultimate, Vista Home Basic, Vista Home Premium, Vista Business)
*Windows XP (Home Edition, Professional Edition, Media Center Edition)
*Windows Server (2008, 2003) and many more
Hardware Device
GSM Technology Based Mobile Phone

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