Financing Your Small Business

SBA Opportunities: The SBA is a financing Source for prospective franchise owners if the franchise ^ system meets the SBA Eligibility Guidelines. Business Opportunities

Business opportunities are a close cousin to franchising and multilevel mar­keting (MLM) opportunities. A business opportunity typically involves the sale or lease of products or services to a purchaser to enable that person to start a business. Picture a vending machine business. The seller may provide assistance in identifying locations or customer leads and providing supplies to the purchaser. Business opportunity sellers typically make some guarantee that the purchaser will derive more income from the business than was paid for it, and require the payment of a sum of money by the purchaser, usually under $500.

Nineteen states have business opportunity laws that generally require the seller to file a registration statement and a disclosure document similar to UFOC for franchises. Some states require a bond be posted.

Financing Your Small Business

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