Financial Sector Assessment

International Finance Corporation (IFC)

IFC publishes the Emerging Markets Database (EMDB).

EMDB contains the latest figures for all IFC indices—global, investable, industry, and frontier—and on market data such as prices, corporate actions, and stock ID information. The database provides three levels of data: comprehensive data on individual stocks cov­ered in all markets, data series for each index computed, and data series for each market covered. It also includes the following:

• Years covered: varies by country and indicator

• Countries covered: emerging market countries

C.3.7 World Bank

The World Bank produces the world development indicators database. It contains statisti­cal data for more than 550 development indicators and time series data from 1960 onward, thus covering more than 200 countries and 18 country groups. Data are provided in both national currencies and U. S. dollars, and ratios are available where applicable. Financial sector data available include the following: bank liquid reserves, domestic banking credit, deposit and lending interest rates and spreads, stock market capitalization, value of stocks traded, system liquid liabilities, and so forth.

C.3.8 Commercial Databases

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Financial Sector Assessment

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