User guidance

1.1 User survey

One of main objectives of the MESoR project is the involvement of key stakeholders throughout the project. Their first task was the participation in a user survey which was conducted as an interview via telephone calls or e-mail. The survey performed a comparative analysis of various solar radiation platforms concerning technical aspects but also addressing usability, integration and pre-commercial information. This analysis based on the evaluations expressed by actual “top-users” and “top- customers” of the platforms. The sample has been composed by current users of the services belonging to various academic, scientific, industrial and business categories, from public and private sectors. The organisations are active in the fields of architecture/building, PV and other solar applications. The initial sample of 53 was selected by each partner according to the criteria of importance, frequency of usage and attitude to scientific cooperation.

The collected answers indicate a very high degree of awareness about the analysed issues. This is witnessed by the fact that most of the respondents use multiple services, they have a deep knowledge of each service, are able to compare the various services and to highlight the related points of strength and weakness.

The survey detected a gap between expectations and the satisfaction as for quality and accuracy of some parameters, reliability of data measurement and calculation, comparability of data across the services and personalisation of services.

The users expect a truly new and integrated service that offers standardised data and protocols.



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Analysed databases and integrated systems

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