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Istanbul and its district. Istanbul. Beshiktash. Yildyz Parky. Loved a recreation area of capital inhabitants of Turkey

Istanbul and its district. Istanbul. Beshiktash. Yildyz Parky. Loved a recreation area of capital inhabitants of Turkey

Where adore to have a rest capital inhabitants of Turkey
One of the main sights of Turkey is the park Yildyz. An entrance in Yildyz Parky (Yildiz Parki) (once a day is open, in the summer — 9. 00-18. 00, in the winter — 9. 00-17. 30, the entrance free) is opposite to Dzhirayan Sarai on Dzhirayan Street Kaddesi. It represents wide forest area with estates, pavilions, gardens and lakes which was a heart of the Ottoman Empire in an extent of all thirty-year board of the sultan of the Abdulkha-Ministry of Foreign Affairs of II. Hotels of Turkey for measured rest will quite often organise here trips. Structures in park and round it form a palace Yildyz. They are constructed in the Turkish style which is sharply different from the western style of a palace of Dolmabakhche. The most part of pavilions belong up the time of Abdulaziz's board, but specifically Abdulkhamid, the reformer, whose falling has been provoked by its personal paranoia, Yildyz has transformed to the small city and a citadel of the sultan power.
Beautiful placement on slopes of a hillock has made Yildyz Parky one of the most favourite recreation areas of capital inhabitants of Turkey which are so needing open space and the freshest air therefore in target days and holidays in park usually happens is crowded. To reach palace constructions, it is better to come back to Beshiktash's main square and to sit down on the bus or the minibus to Boulevards Barbaros (Barbaros Bui van) (it nearby, but there it is necessary to rise up on an abrupt slope). Descend behind a building of English representation and go to the right, following indexes on Institute Yildyz and the Museum Shekhir. From all palace constructions of park for public openly only two — a palace Museum Yildyz and Shale Kyoshkyu. Other pavilions with smart terraces can be considered together with beautiful views of Bosporus only outside. House rest in Turkey we recommend to decorate by all means with visit of park and its museums.

For inhabitants of Ukraine Turkey from Odessa is offered.

Where to live

To Olt. Vacation spots in Turkey what to have a look on the way to them

Near the river in OLT (OLTU) there is a 1st of fortresses, ponovy built up first Ottomans, and later perfectly restored in 2002. 18 more km on the North will lead you to an intersection with the highway 80 on which it is necessary to turn to the left as there

BUREAUCRACY. Government agencies in the small towns of Turkey. The code of inhabitants of Turkey

The code to which inhabitants of Turkey followDealing with Turks, you probably will face 3 things: bureaucracy, red tape and red tape. Inhabitants of Turkey follow the Swiss code: «that is not authorised, is forbidden». Any trifle is registered in the Turkish

Selchuk and his district on the detailed map of Turkey are surrounded with an abundance of old temples in Turkey

Where the main temples of Turkey are placed The main sight of the district are ruins of an old Hilt where it is possible to reach by a taxi in Turkey. But it is necessary to visit and some other places, including Shirindzhes (Sirince) nice village which was

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