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East Понтийские mountains. A choice of tourist routes of Turkey according to the map of Turkey

East Понтийские mountains. A choice of tourist routes of Turkey according to the map of Turkey

The most noteworthy tourist routes of Turkey
The map of Turkey contains 6 most favourite, East Понтийских mountains of tourist villages located on slopes — it is the Chat (Cat) and Ayder (Ayder) from the Dark sea, also Barkhal, Hevek, Meretet and Tekkal on the bank of Chorokh. Leaders to them from the Dark sea of a track it is better, but is more populous, there are a lot of villages, besides, nearly an every day there is a fog which prevents to go and подымается on height to 2900 m, in particular in the winter in Turkey. Routes повдоль Chorokh is more difficult than the river, and advance on them very much is in dependence from weather. The tourist season lasts from June to September, thus, the closer to light up, the fogs less often drop out. If you arrive here before the end of July, on the biggest passes cats and ice axes and if you are quite tempered can be useful to you, in the middle of summer you can actually bathe in all local lakes. As to tourist routes of Turkey then East Понтийские mountains are unceasingly diverse.
Extent of the main tourist routes of Turkey
The people limited in time and fans of an extreme can pass on the central passes from Hevek to the Favourite in two exhausting days, but in it there is enough pleasure so it is most ideal to sail away to mountains for three-four days, and many with pleasure spend there week and even 10 days of excursion rounds to Turkey. Soon in East Понтийских mountains tourists from Israel and Turkey in most cases meet, but nearly an every year there come also people from Great Britain, Germany and Spain. From the middle of the 90th years the number of tourists has started to be reduced that, vobshchy, will not seem to you the truth if you judge by quantity of garbage in such basic camps for rest in Turkey as Dibler Dyuzyu (Dibler Duzu) and (is sensitive least) Kara Denise Gyolyu. Tourists and misanthropes can prefer more remote routes which lie in a southwest or southern part of mountains and where it is necessary to sail away from Tekkal by a taxi in Turkey.

Excursion rounds from the Falcon to Turkey on the most critical taste are on pages of our portal.

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To Olt. Vacation spots in Turkey what to have a look on the way to them

Near the river in OLT (OLTU) there is a 1st of fortresses, ponovy built up first Ottomans, and later perfectly restored in 2002. 18 more km on the North will lead you to an intersection with the highway 80 on which it is necessary to turn to the left as there

BUREAUCRACY. Government agencies in the small towns of Turkey. The code of inhabitants of Turkey

The code to which inhabitants of Turkey followDealing with Turks, you probably will face 3 things: bureaucracy, red tape and red tape. Inhabitants of Turkey follow the Swiss code: «that is not authorised, is forbidden». Any trifle is registered in the Turkish

Selchuk and his district on the detailed map of Turkey are surrounded with an abundance of old temples in Turkey

Where the main temples of Turkey are placed The main sight of the district are ruins of an old Hilt where it is possible to reach by a taxi in Turkey. But it is necessary to visit and some other places, including Shirindzhes (Sirince) nice village which was

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