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Coast of the Dark sea. Sinop. Others Turkish the small town

Coast of the Dark sea. Sinop. Others Turkish the small town

The best city of Turkey - Sinop
Sinop owning by fine natural harbour was stretched on a peninsula isthmus at the hillock bottom. Here always it is possible to get the permit to Turkey. In remarkably located small town a number of historical monuments which appropriate it additional appeal has remained. But, despite of advertising local tourist help, it is the sleepy small town which could be the popular resort. Though here it is possible to find hotels of Turkey. The port which was left long since behind themselves by the ports of Samsun, Trabzon and Zonguldak, perceives fishery vessels in the main thing. But specifically the port together with tourism is the main source of the income of the 30-thousand population of the small town. It also is used by NATO: the peninsula of Sinop is the most northern part Anatoli and there is least than in 200 nautical miles from the Crimea, in other words a local South American base at all so long ago, actually, was the outpost of cool war. Having symbolised in passed the best city of Turkey, the title of the small town occurs on behalf of the fantastic queen of amazons, the daughter of a minor river deity Sinop. It has interested Zeus who promised that if it is to it благорасположенна, will grant though what her desire. She has asked never-ending virginity. Zeus has moved itself as the gentleman and has conceded. People have seen pluses of this district in a bronze age, and the 1st settlement has appeared here for a long time before emergence of the small town and the Greek colony of the VIII century BC.
The small town of Turkey played a historical role in the world
Philosopher Diogenes Sinopsky became the first known offspring of Sinop. Say that Alexander the Great has visited it and has been so shaken from a meeting with it that воскрикнул:" If I is not Alexander, I would be Diogenes". In 183 local pontiysky reign have made Sinop one of own main cities. Beaches of Turkey made reminiscence and during age-old times. Later the directing nightmare on the Roman republic governor Mitridat Evpator here was born. He has transferred the capital to Sinop and has decorated it with beautiful monuments, but from them, as well as from the Roman monuments of architecture constructed here by military leader Lukull, grasped the city in 63, now there were only memoirs. Fascinating historical information on Turkey does it even more nice. At the time of the Byzantian empire Sinop has fallen into decay, and tests to revive the city in VI and VII centuries have suffered trouble because of invasions of Persians and Arabs. In October, 1214 the city have grasped сельджуки. They have turned some churches into mosques, have constructed madrasah, but were distraught soon Mongols, and the city is sensitive has run across in hands of emirs Kastamona from a dynasty Isfendiyarogla which governed here before arrival in 1458 later. Ottomans. Since then about the small town not it was audible, however, on November 30, 1853 the Russian have crushed certain the small town of Turkey in common with Turkish fleet standing in its port that has served as the beginning of the Crimean war enough, and on May 18, 1919 Ataturk has passed through Sinop on the way to Samsun.

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To Olt. Vacation spots in Turkey what to have a look on the way to them

Near the river in OLT (OLTU) there is a 1st of fortresses, ponovy built up first Ottomans, and later perfectly restored in 2002. 18 more km on the North will lead you to an intersection with the highway 80 on which it is necessary to turn to the left as there

BUREAUCRACY. Government agencies in the small towns of Turkey. The code of inhabitants of Turkey

The code to which inhabitants of Turkey followDealing with Turks, you probably will face 3 things: bureaucracy, red tape and red tape. Inhabitants of Turkey follow the Swiss code: «that is not authorised, is forbidden». Any trifle is registered in the Turkish

Selchuk and his district on the detailed map of Turkey are surrounded with an abundance of old temples in Turkey

Where the main temples of Turkey are placed The main sight of the district are ruins of an old Hilt where it is possible to reach by a taxi in Turkey. But it is necessary to visit and some other places, including Shirindzhes (Sirince) nice village which was

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