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Centre and South of Egeysky area. Heart of old Ionia. Dilek Yarymadasa Millie Parky. Many tourist routes of Turkey include visit of natural park of Turkey — Dilek Yarymadasa Millie Parky

Centre and South of Egeysky area. Heart of old Ionia. Dilek Yarymadasa Millie Parky. Many tourist routes of Turkey include visit of natural park of Turkey - Dilek Yarymadasa Millie Parky

Natural park of Turkey - Dilek Yarymadasa Millie Parky
To the South from Kushadasa Samsun Dates (Samsun Dagi), or Dilek Dagy (Dilek Dagi) (the old mountain to Mikalah) rises. Constants долмуши walk with 8. 00 to a decline in the state natural park of Turkey located at its bottom in 28 km from the small town. Dilek Yarymadasa Millie Parky (Yarimadasi Milli Parki) (in the spring and in the autumn it is open for visit of tourists ежедн., 8. 00-17. 00, in the summer — 8. 00-18. 30, in the winter it is closed, the entrance — 3YTL, arrival — 4YTL in case you car rent in Turkey interests) has been based on the car in 1966 to protect the dense woods and various fauna of slopes of mountains in the middle of which representatives, say, lynxes, jackals and the run wild cats till this moment meet. But you hardly will see somebody from them as this park in the area in 28 000 acres is at once besides a buffer zone of military base, and access to its certain places is strictly forbidden. For example, if you desire to pass to drawing landscapes on the end of the cape, you will be barred the way by the armed guard fighters of involuntary service soon. Disputably, but it is considered that the park совладевает with a problem of conservation is better, than with other problems, for example, as functional park for restoration of forces and rest.
Tourist routes of Turkey
If to you excursion rounds to Turkey are fascinating, surely visit these places. Natural sights of Turkey, the site of the coast run most wild on the Egeysky coast, by all means, has remained only thanks to that military bases here are located. Making the tourist routes of Turkey, take into consideration that more visited places of a zone of a free access are a ten-kilometre piece in the main thing of the asphalted road to a descent behind an entrance on the park district, also four good, but very windy a beach: Ichmeler (Icmeler) (to a descent behind gate, rigid sand, a shadow from plane trees), Aydynlyk Koyyu (Aydinlik Koyu) (pebble), Kavakli Burun (Kavakli Burun) (pebble) both the last and the most beautiful — to Karas (karasu) (700 m of gravel in size about a pea). All beaches have the small snackbars and booths with drinks which work only in the summer. To descent for Karasa the soil track with an inscription of "Yasak B61ge" which is protected by the armed patrols which are not permitting to anybody to pass further the index begins. The lonely track with an inscription "Kapuop" and a sign with the going little man is closed by gate that wheel transport there did not call in. It passes between beaches Aydynlyk and Kavakh and wraps to a top Samsun Dagy (Dilek Tepesi) in height of 1237 metres.
Walk on national natural park of Turkey
One more road to the ridge conducts from the village ESKIDO-GANBEI (ESKIDOGANBEY) located to the South. This walk, which will take the whole day to avoid a strong heat, weather in Turkey in the summer here very hot, is better to make in the spring or in the autumn, for example to plan rest in Turkey in September. Here more often, than on other party of the mountain, it is possible to meet carnivorous birds, badgers and jackals. As and without that the small number of hotels of Eskidoganbey was reduced soon even more, to one of tracks conducting to a top in most cases come on morning долмуше, and in the evening after walk on mountains ворачиваются on the same share taxi back in Syoka or Kushadasa. To spend the night in park there is no place, but there are toilets, a place where prepare a barbecue, and small cafe. Naiblezhayshiye hotels and boards which are usually filled by Turks, are around and in most ГЁЗЕЛЬЧАМЛЫ (GUZELCAMLI), village in 1 km from reserve borders. In 300 m from it there is a pebble beach in Turkey, according to all characteristics conceding to beaches of the state park in addition besides densely built up.

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Where to live

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