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St. Antony. A monastery sacred Antonija Egipet and life Sacred

St. Antony. A monastery sacred Antonija Egipet and life Sacred

Sacred Antony (251-356 years) is considered the house of many «the father of a monkhood», and his life has coincided with a configuration of provision of Christianity. You can behold also in the country a monastery sacred Antonija Egipet. When Antony has lost parents in 18 years, it has given the sister in a monastery, has sold property and became the eremite. Christians were exposed at this time to the increasing prosecution - there has come «Era martyrs» with which the Coptic calendar begins. At the statement of Christianity as state religion in 313 many Christians were afraid that the Church will be subject to a wordly vanity and considered life of eremites as more nezapyatanny candidate. The culture and art of Egypt also allowed to continue Antonija a hermit's life. Sacred Antony left all further to the desert where soon a shelter at the foot of a hill Kalakh has found and has lived in a cave before own death at the age of 105 years. On icons represent the Sacred animals dressed in skins, barefoot and with a snow-white beard, accompanied by lions. For those who wishes to rent the house Egypt and to find Holy sites to Egypt always there will be suitable options. A century later the Greek scientist Athanasius has carefully laid out his deprivations and vision in the work which has created models of a Christian hagiography, «Life Antonija» which became a basis for the description Antonija in the desert in an extent of the next millennium in Coptic and western art. You can find round to Egypt and find out more details of life Sacred Antonija.

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What to have a look

Bakhariyapitaniyes oasis, drinks and night life

Food in Baviti healthy, but not impressing, as well as in the majority of other oases. Fried chickens, salad and rice can be eaten in several hotels and campings, but the most part of guests gravitate to Bavitis Popular Restoraunt which makes comprehensive dinners

Yangzi Tszyutszyans pool and Lushan. Natural Chinese sights Lushanya

Caves Lushanya and Chinese garden of TszesinThe trip to China without the aid of others will give you unforgettable memoirs. Occupying about 300 sq.km Lushansky highlands form the elliptic platform inclined to the southwest. The median part of a plateau is occupied

Neil Luksors plain Night life Night life. As rich people of Egypt carry out rest and what night clubs of Egypt are better for avoiding

Noteworthy night clubs of EgyptIf svetozvukovy show in Karnaka is considered one of the best sights of Egypt, night life of Luxor - only a pale shadow of entertainments of Hurghada. Tourists very much are tired of day excursions to go to night clubs of Egypt

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