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Si-Satchanalay (Si Satchanalai). Temples of Thailand which are in Sukhotkhaya, and a fine holiday of Thailand La Kratkhong – here that entices here tourists

Si-Satchanalay (Si Satchanalai). Temples of Thailand which are in Sukhotkhaya, and a fine holiday of Thailand La Kratkhong – here that entices here tourists

City of Sukhotkhaya and local holiday of Thailand La Kratkhong
If you yet were not satiated with impressions of survey of temples, maybe, will desire to make afternoon travel to Thailand to the small town Si-Satchanalay located in 55 km to the North from Sukhotkhaya. It is own sort the double of the last, but the least mastered and to this city in Taylada people very much occasionally make various tourist trips to Thailand. There are no best beaches of Thailand, but good hotels of Thailand for youth will be. For last centuries local temples have grown old, but have kept spirit of former greatness. Steps of a stone ladder conduct to ruins Vat Khao Suvan Khiri (Wat Khao Suwan Khiri). To rise on it costs for the sake of the 1st only the look opening from above.
Pour Kratasong
The best time of rest in Thailand in Sukhotkhaya — days of the full moon of the twelfth lunar month (the middle of November) when the finest and romantic holiday of Thailand — La Kratkhong is noted. It is considered that it has arisen about 700 years ago after one of concubines of the king cut out a small lamp from a fruit and has let it to float with a flaring candle on the river. Now тыщи people gather at the local lake to lower on its smooth surface the boats made of banana leaves, to admire a bright female procession and cool fireworks.
Temple of Thailand Vat Chang Lome and other sights
Outside of historical park hire it is great and sail away to a construction which many consider as the stateliest in the old small town. It is the temple of Thailand Vat Chang Lome (Wat Chang Lorn; letters, «the temple in an environment of elephants»). It smoke truly it is surrounded with 39 stone sculptures of elephants and has a ladder personifying a ladder to heavens. Before the temple it is possible to behold and real elephants, and it is not simple to behold and sweep on them on park.
In located in 4 km to the north to the village Bankona (Ban To Noi) archeologists have found furnaces. This find is capable to overturn the developed historical representations as, maybe, is the certificate of that Thais have started to make glinyany products for 400 years before Chinese.

The trip to Thailand from Ukraine can be as rather short, and more long

What to have a look

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