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Pyramids in Giza (Huf) Snutris Stately pyramid of Cheops of the Stately pyramid

Pyramids in Giza (Huf) Snutris Stately pyramid of Cheops of the Stately pyramid

To support the necessary humidity снутри pyramids, number of guests which can enter at once into a pyramid, it is limited - 150 people in the afternoon and 150 in the evening. Therefore it is better to get tickets (100 pounds, students of 50 pounds, shootings are not allowed) beforehand. In the afternoon tourist groups aspire to buy up them everything before there will be somebody else; it is usually simpler to get tickets for visit after a dinner, in particular if you can appear in cash desk when only they go on sale - in 13. 00.
You get to a pyramid through an entrance which has been done by Caliph Mamun hunting for treasures in 820 g; it is slightly lower than an initial entrance on North side (is at present blocked). Having passed down (having bent), you will reach connection of an ascending and descending corridor. The last conducts in the unfinished chamber under a pyramid, there it is better not to go or throw as a result. All go up on an ascending corridor (height of a corridor 1, 6 m). As the medieval Arab hronist who have made the way in a pyramid thieves write, going on this corridor, have encountered «an idol from a spotty granite» soon, decorated with a dragon which «sufficed and smothered though what who came nearer», but to today's guests simply stirs a tilt angle of the pass (1:2) which 36 m before the subsequent connection go.
To the right of it there is a mine which, on view of ancient founders, is the well connected to Nile. For today it is clear that it conducts in the underground chamber, it is considered that it served for an exit of workers. Directly before you there is a horizontal pass of 35 m in length and 1, 75 m in the height, conducting in the chamber from badly trimmed limestone with the pointed roof which Arabs have christened «The chamber of the queen». Pete-ri considered that it сердаб, or a place of storage of a sculpture of the Pharaoh, and excentric Davidson contemplated in it a sign of the highest futility of a Judaism. In any case there are no confirmations of that the queen here has ever been buried. In northern and southern walls in 1872 openings, for this purpose to find ventilating mines of the chamber have been done. Through one of them have passed a boat with the sensor and have found «the confidential chamber» at the end of pass in length of 65 m, height of only 20 cm and that width. The channel is focused on the Dog star Sirius (symbolising goddess to Isida).
The most part of guests go to Huge gallery, the most beautiful part of a pyramid. It is made of Mukattam's limestone and is so faultless that between blocks it is impossible to push a knife edge; the mine in length of 47 m is narrowed to an arch roof in height 8, 5 m (Davidson believed that its length in «pyramid inches» corresponds to number of years between the Crucifixion and the First World War beginning.) Cuts in walls, probably, held bars which were used for lifting of a sarcophagus or the granite blocks created for closing of openings on abrupt ascending pass (in what wood steps) are at present made. Though the Big gallery at present also is not occupied by cyclopean bats about whom travellers of the nineteenth century knew, in it is quite hot and stuffy that does some discomfort therefore you will be happy to reach the horizontal chamber hall on its top end where cuts for insertion of the blocks plugs created for closing of an entrance in the expected funeral chamber are done.
The chamber of the Pharaoh is in 95 metres from a top of a pyramid and on a half of this distance from external walls. Constructed of claret granite blocks, the rectangular chamber is quite great to contain the two-floor bus. Its sizes (5, 2x10, 8x5, 8 m) have caused a large quantity of abstract calculations and oddish predictions. By order of Hitler under stadium in Nuremberg the chamber copy has been constructed, in what the Fuhrer consulted with itself before meetings of nazis. On one end of the chamber the big sarcophagus without a cover from an Aswan granite on which there were traces from saws and drills with a diamond teeth is placed. On northern and southern walls, at level of knees, you will see two air mines conducting to the external world. Mines are aimed at stars of the Belt of Orion and Alf Drakona (representing respectively Osiris and Pep goddess hippopotamus).
Over a ceiling it is placed 5 unloading chambers which are taking away weight of a pyramid from the funeral chamber. Any of them consists of 43 granite monoliths from 40 to 70 tons. It was possible to reach these chambers only on a ladder from Big gallery, and then on pass where colonel Vayz has found written reddish a name to Huf (the unique inscription found снутри of pyramids of Giza), but the main part of guests here usually does not enter.
Ворачиваясь back, do not forget to inspect a 100-metre corridor going down which conducts to roughly vytesanny unfinished chamber under a pyramid. There is nothing such special, but descent operating on nervishka is worthy Indiana Jones.

What to have a look

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