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Public TRANSPORT. On what it is more convenient to move: buses of Thailand, a train, the underground or a taxi in Thailand?

Public TRANSPORT. On what it is more convenient to move: buses of Thailand, a train, the underground or a taxi in Thailand?

Underground. Carrying out mass transportations of passengers the underground transport system of Bangkok supplements «Skytrain» strips, at the 3rd stations passengers can change from one trains to others. Both systems provide more effective moving on the small town — quick and in a cool of cars with кондюками. The prices for a trip in Thailand by the underground low. The basic price of journey — 14 Batov — with each station increases to 2 Bath at the greatest sum of payment 36 Batov. To tourists be dependent on requirements can profitable to use travel cards with unlimited number and the extent of trips valid in a current of 1 day (150 Batov) or 3 days (300 Batov), or «Adult Card» card (200 Batov, including the deposit in 50 Batov). The underground works with 5. 00 to 24. 00.
Buses of Thailand and more quick means of transport
«Skytrain». This city transport system does not concede the underground in speed and frequency of movement of trains, in purity and comfort. The price of one trip from 10 to 40 Batov. Tourists can receive anlimitny travel cards for 1 day (100 Batov) or for 30 days (is in the 3rd types: 250 Batov on 10 trips, 300 Batov on 15 trips and 540 Batov on 30 trips) or cards «(200 Batov, including the deposit in 50 Batov) — everything it is possible to get Adult Cards in cash desks on though what station. Trains walk with 6. 00 to 24. 00.
Buses of Thailand are more sluggish, but is even cheaper. The average price of a trip in Bangkok 6 Batov. Dense networks of bus routes are and in other big small towns. Tariffs low, a degree of service the highest as it can be in criteria of the large city choking with transport congestion. If plan to save up by means of trips by the bus, instead of by a taxi, get the map of the small town with the indication of bus routes and your tourist trip to Thailand does not deliver problems. All city routes have numbers designated by the Arab figures, but names of final stops are written in Thai.
The park of international buses consists both of the "stirred-up" veterans, and from comfortable liners with кондюками, the prices for the 1st and the 2nd certainly very much differ. On especially favourite routes in which set and the Bangkok line — Pattaya, fine buses of the various companies walk very quite often. Naturally, tourists can always use car rent in Thailand.
Trains and a taxi in Thailand
The necessary information on Thailand is, at first information on transport. Trains. Municipal steel roads of Thailand offer the method of movement successful and provided with impressions on the country. To services of passengers moderately the smart cars of the first class equipped кондюками, comfortable cars of the second class with possibility of reservation of berths and old-fashioned wood cars of the third class. Travel agents, administrators of hotels and information office at the main capital station Hualampkhong (Hualamphong) will consult you concerning the schedule and tariffs. Main stations of Bangkok:
Хуалампхонг (Rama IV Road) — northern, east and northeast directions, also expresses on the South.
Thonburi (Thonburi, Bangkok Noi, Rod Fai Road) — the least high-speed trains subsequent in the southern direction. The general information about жд trips can be received by phone 1690.
Taxi in Thailand. In Bangkok a taxi in surplus. Cars are equipped with counters and кондюками; journey on them, usually, cheap (35-80 Batov). To catch a taxi it is possible in any place. In order to avoid misunderstanding ask in hotel that to you have written in Thai the title final пт trips, and show written to the driver. In hotels of Thailand can give the help and approximate its price, it is in dependence from distance and a road situation.
If language discrepancy is to you unsoluble, can take equipped a kondyuky taxi of the hotel. Here fixed, and it is necessary to pay tariffs on the last measure twice more than in a city taxi, and its advantage that the driver though a little, but says in English.
Rat-tat. These booming three-wheeled motor-rickshaws quickly scurry about in a stream of capital movement, and the trip on small distance on this strange hardware can be accepted as a tiny adventure. They are also in Chiang Mai and Phuket and are very comfortable at movement on small distances, for example from a beach to hotel. To a trip to Thailand you can have a look video about motor-rickshaws.

Rounds to Thailand from Tyumen – the profitable prices and an abundance of varaiant!

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