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Necessary information. Tourist trip to Egypt and health care. Healing of tourists during an independent trip to Egypt

Necessary information. Tourist trip to Egypt and health care. Healing of tourists during an independent trip to Egypt

Independent trip to Egypt: where to get drugs
If the independent trip to Egypt has turned back small неуввязками with health, address in the next drugstore: druggists can offer a wide choice of pharmaceutical means, including drugs. There are some drugstores working day and night: Аль - Esaa - the house 27 on the street on July 26, on a skreshcheniye from Shary Ramses, (02/574-3369); Atalla - the house 13, on Shary Sherin of a skreshcheniya from Shary Mohammed Sabri, (02/393-9029); El-Ezabi at the station Ramses (02/575-6272) (branches are placed on all small town); Abdallakh - the house 2 on Shary Takhan Hussein, Zamalik, (02/738-1988). In critical cases these drugstores deliver drugs to the house, usually gratuitously.
Visit to the physician at an independent trip to Egypt
Across all Cairo the personal doctors who are speaking English or in French work. It is most ideal to address to them in the evening (19:00-22:00). Consultation at the quite good, known doctor usually costs about 100 pounds where drugs do not enter, but at all this the sum can include and payment of the subsequent visit. If it will be suddenly necessary for you the help of the doctor, direct attention to the list of the certain physicians serving foreign patients: other Nagib Badir - works in Anglo-American policlinic, near the Cairo tower at the lake of Gezira (the general therapy; 02/735-6162); other DOS or other Emad Rushdie - works in Nile Hilton (02/578-0444) hotel policlinic; other Magdi Fransis (02/749-0818). If the dentist is necessary to you, address to other Avidis Dzhegalyan (the house 6 on Shary Abdel Hamid Sayd (02/577-7909) or other Emad Zaglul (02/345-5429) to Milan Lubnan in Mukhandesin.
Tourist trip to Egypt: policlinics and vaccination
Policlinics demand the deposit cash - itself a little, 150 pounds (it can reach and 1000 pounds) on healing payment, honey an insurance without which your tourist trip to Egypt hardly will begin, not always are accepted (though you can claim for compensations of costs later). Direct attention to this fact, solving, how many means to take to Egypt. The subsequent policlinics are perfectly equipped and have experience with foreigners: Anglo-American infirmary about the Cairo tower, Gezira, (02/735-6162); International policlinic Al-Salam on Cornysh in Maadi, (02/524-0077); Cairo honey the centre on Shary al-Ansari about Shary Hidzhaz on the party Medan Roxie, Gelionol, (02/450-9800). To reach these hospitals, take a taxi, in Egypt it is also possible to use personal service of ambulance Al-Salam (telephone same numbers, as at the hospitals designated above). The ambulance offers free transportation to naiblezhayshy policlinic, call 123. If you go vpervy to Egypt, the councils given below, deserve your attention. In 2 or 3 places carry out vaccination against cholera, yellowish fever and other diseases. The main point - the Egyptian organisation on biological products and vaccines (Vacsera) - the house 51 on Shary Vazart el-Zaraa (02/761-1111; once a day 24 hours in day) in 100 metres to the North from a bridge corner on October 6 works and the Agricultural museum - the 1st turn to the right in gate, then pass round a structure at the left. There are the doktor understanding the British language, and vaccines against cholera (6 pounds), typhus (6 pounds) and meningitis (55 pounds); they can carry out vaccination against yellowish fever (70 pounds), but cannot issue the certificate which is necessary for the inoculation proof if your trip to Egypt proceeds to the South from Sahara. The next branch Vacsera works for Medan Giza opposite to metro station. The public centre of vaccination (once a day, not including Fridays works, 10:00-19:00) in a back part of a lobby of usually low-populated hotel Continental-Savoy the Opera works for Medan very perfectly, without red tape and vanity, and does inoculations against yellowish fever for 64. The 50th pound with issue of the certificate and against cholera (10. The 50th pound), but other inoculations here do not do.

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