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Jiangsu and Zhejiang Dunshan and Sishan. Features of culture of Old China: painting and monuments of Old China

Jiangsu and Zhejiang Dunshan and Sishan. Features of culture of Old China: painting and monuments of Old China

Means of transport of China? we choose, on what it is better to reach on Dunshan
Approximately in 35 km from Suzhou two zones known for Dunshan under names (East mountain) and Sishan (The western mountain), by Sishan in reality - the peninsula connected to a continental land by an artificial embankment are placed. This charming zone of agricultural grounds covered with small small villages with magnificently benevolent people, like a jewel, is put in order by a greenish belt of woody slopes. Voobshchem telling, small small villages and personal houses in China not uniqueness, they can be met in almost all corners of China. To Dunshanya and Dunkhe on Sishan the personal minibuses going from the terminal on the westernmost tip of the area near the station to Suzhou and from road service station of Usyanyiya in the south of the small town often walk. To Dunshanya also the regular bus No. 20 stopping directly before жд by the station of Suzhou often walks.
To go on Dunshan from Suzhou completely really in a day because means of transport in China are rather diverse. You can reach to Dunshanya on the minibus and have a look at monuments of old China, and after a dinner to reach on a boat to Sisha-nya and to return to Suzhou also on the minibus. Minibuses arrive in Dunshan on T-shaped, a place where the access road meets district darling a ring framing the mountain. From T-shaped go on the road leaving on the South (on it is left).
We study painting of old China in monasteries
This road passes by an old monastery of Tszytszinyan (a monastery of Reddish Gold; once a day 07. 30-17. 00; CNY 20) in what innumerable statues and painting of old China, located in the fine, hidden wood town surrounded with groves of fragrant orange trees are presented. Such constructions and features of culture of old China cause big enthusiasm in tourists. Still further, on the southernmost tip of the peninsula, rises Luntoushan (the mountain Drakonyey Golovy), having risen by which top, you can admire delightful views of plantations lying low and the lake. All rickshaws it is universal assure tourists that the best views of Tai Hu open from a northern slope Dunshanya. In fact the most profitable place for a review of circles is the zone to the South from Luntoushanya, on the southern suburb of the peninsula, to reach to which it is possible only on foot.
The mooring for the ferries floating to Sishanya (ежедн.; 07. 30-14. 30; in a way of 30 minutes; CNY 5), is in several kilometres to the northwest from T-shaped............ Here as small vacation spots in China are placed. On Sishan you can use motor-rickshaws - for an one-day excursion trip on Sishanya you pay CNY 30-40 (the payment for expectation comes into this cost also during stops). Tourists in China usually examine Linyu's cave (ежедн.; 08. 00-17. 00; CNY 20) - not so picturesque chain of the cavities found in the X-th century. From a pharynx of a cave fascinating promising views of Tai Hu lying low open. In Dunkhe, the small island settlement, you can sit down on the bus subsequent to Suzhou, crossing on a way a 4-kilometre dam. The last bus sails away about 18. 00.

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What to have a look

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