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Ibn Tulun and Al-Katay. What площать Egypt was occupied by the most ancient people of Egypt?

Ibn Tulun and Al-Katay. What площать Egypt was occupied by the most ancient people of Egypt?

What most ancient people lived in Egypt
Iraq Abbasida appointed Ahmed ibn Tuluna Fustat's governor in 868 and have received fierce blow when he declared own independence. Ibn Tulun (the offspring of Tulun, the Turkish slave) has based a dynasty Tulunidov which ruled the state to which people in Egypt till 905 submitted, and has founded the new city to the northeast from Fustat. On legends, an ark Aching тормознул it is concrete on this place when waters of a flood have receded, right there Moisey resisted to sorcerers of the Pharaoh, and Abraham was ready to sacrifice own offspring on a blizkoraspolozhenny hillock. Without hesitating of these, also located here Christian and Jewish cemeteries, ibn Tulun has given the order on construction of Al-Kataya which has been broken into military quarters. Al-Kataya the most ancient people of Egypt built. Active ibn Tuluna's role in a ball game caused in his physicians bad presentiments as during a disease he «refused to follow their instructions, did not keep to the diet ordered by them and when felt that as before it is sick, cut down them the heads or hammered a whip to death».
Area of Egypt Al-Kataya
At myagenky successor ibn Tuluna Humaravaye Square Al-Kataya has been transformed to a garden with the lake where the governor suffering sleeplessness dozed in a hammock under protection of a blue-eyed lion. Tulunida presumed for itself similar luxury, after all their year income reached 4 300 000 dinars. When Abbasida have returned for itself Egypt in 905, the area of Egypt Al-Kataya has suffered: all here have destroyed, not including mosques which evenly came to desolation. It temporarily used that as a caravanserai, as a shelter for the people who were digging out corpses of graves during terrible hunger of 1200. Eventually, in 1296 the mosque has been restored by sultan Lagin who disappeared here, still being the emir suspected of murder of the sultan. To behold the area the eyes it is possible, having gone to Egypt at the end of June.

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What to have a look

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