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Huang He to Tsyuyf and district. Osnovopolzhnik of the main religion of China. The best time of rest in China

Huang He to Tsyuyf and district. Osnovopolzhnik of the main religion of China. The best time of rest in China

Main religion of China and city of Tsyuyf
To Tsyuyf, a quiet town in the south of the Province of Shandong, it is simple to reach by the bus or a train from Tayanya, lying in 100 km to the North, and Tsinan removed on 180 km. The spirit of a certain inertness reigning in it at all does not correspond to its big historical and cultural importance. Here, in Tsyuyf, in 551 Confucius (Kuhn-tszy) was born, here it has carried out a huge part of own life. The main religion of China here has arisen, here it developed the doctrine, then yet recognised, and here it was lost and has been buried behind line of the small town, in the place which has become a sacral funeral complex for all clan Kuhn. All city - despite of the destructive squall generated by a cultural revolution, - shows the architectural certificate of that honouring which was expressed to the philosopher by the following dynasties though the most monumental monuments were left on for themselves by tsars of a dynasty of Minute. Among their two main ensembles - Confucius's temple and Confucius's house, which scale is well matched Beijing, in them the usual culture of China has remained.
The best time of rest in China and to Tsyuyf
To Tsyuyf is worthy of it to carry out in the small town a quantity of days. The small town quite small that all its sights could be bypassed on foot and to walk on its spotless small streets not dammed by transport, with benches on which it is possible to sit down to have a rest, and trees in the middle of which branches singing birds curl, - the real pleasure. You can choose the best time of rest in China and make such walk. Together with that compactness of the centre is fraught with that you cannot get lost in weight and come off other tourists. Vobshchem, always it is necessary to hold in the head of a word of the stately native to Tsyuyf: the generous person realises that there is a virtue, the small person finds only benefit. The rest best here in September in China - at this time costs remarkable weather. You can always retire to the Confucian wood, in the middle of the horrible, bound cypresses. At the end of September, during a holiday on the occasion of day of the birth of Confucius who is marked out on a lunar calendar, the city it is perceptible quickens. In the temple performances of many usual rituals are arranged.

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What to have a look

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