What to have a look

Huang He to Tsyuyf and district City. Unique monuments of architecture and a trazhitsiya of China — Confuciuss temple complex

Huang He to Tsyuyf and district City. Unique monuments of architecture and a trazhitsiya of China - Confuciuss temple complex

Monuments of architecture of China which it is necessary to have a look
The main entrance in a complex is in the southern part of a temple wall and if you wish to receive complete reminiscence from the temple, we recommend to you to use specifically this entrance (still there is one entrance to the temple - from Queli Lu, it is sensitive to the west of Confucius's house). Behind the gate framed with horned creations, рассевшимися on flowers of lotuses, guests meet sprawling cypresses and integral стелы, certain from which are located on backs carved enrage - similar creations on the skulls decorating the 1st courtyard. Having passed some more gate, you appear in a courtyard with fine pavilion of Kuyven - the three-storyed construction erected in 1018. The pavilion not similar on other traditional monuments of architecture of China, is allocated with the unique design as which unique elements act a three-storied roof with the bent eaves and four numbers of cross-section beams. The pavilion has been reconstructed in 1504. after that has safely endured earthquake to which the inscription on the plate on a terrace testifies. In that earthquake personal houses in China have suffered also. To the East and the West there are two more pavilions in what tsars coming to the temple, having retired, made ablution before accepting a role in religious ceremonies.
Traditions of China: glory and the praise rendered in memory to Confucius
Traditions of China you find in the subsequent courtyard: there are Pavilions of 13 стел, stored 53 plates with records about arrivals here tsars, their gifts and donations on updating of the temple, presented by them to family Kuhn. You will experience all honour given by governors in memory to Confucius, and not essentially, how many there is a permit to China, pleasure from seen, will be in times more. Most raneshny of plates is dated an era Tan, the last - the republican period. Moving further on the North, you will leave to 5 gate ways from which creep away in the various directions. East gate conduct to a hall in what the cult протцов in China was made. Through the western gate you will get to cult halls of his parents, and, having passed the central gate of the Highest Perfection, you will appear before huge pavilion - the Apricot altar. According to tradition, Confucius after has travelled over the country in search of the governor who would want to realise his ideas here learnt. To Confucius the legend attributes also landing of the cypress increasing in a gleam of gate. The plant condition as say, reflects a situation in family Kuhn.

Sail away behind new impressions, having chosen rounds to China from Minsk.

What to have a look

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