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How many there are air tickets to China, the shadow prices

How many there are air tickets to China, the shadow prices

The internal message with Lhasa everyday flights from Chengdu (provide V1550, CNY 300 plus for permission), also flights from Beijing (through Chengdu), Sining, from the airport of Detsin in Chzhundyan (V1430, but permission will manage to you in V1000, and even it is more) and Kunming (through Chzhundyan, CNY 1750 for the ticket; permission costs CNY 1000 order). Such makary, even the most cheap air tickets to China essentially grow in cost. Consider: the prices for tickets to China are fixed, and here the price of permissions fluctuates is unpredictable. It is simpler and most easier to fly to Lhasa from Chengdu where the huge number of tour operators works. The most part from them are concentrated about Traffic Hotel hotel and offer tourists tickets with permission (which you never will see) for CNY 1850. Travel agencies of Chengdu will organise also rounds to China across Tibet, including flight, transport from the airport Gongkar to Lhasa, accommodation within several days in economical hotel. Services of the guide are provided not always. To get that round simply, even with the ticket the next day. In Lhasa you can get turnaround tickets at standard cost. Planes from Katmandu fly to Lhasa two times a week, but during the winter period (October - March) flights are cancelled. Tickets for them can be got only together with the round organised by local tour operator. For the air ticket and three-day round you pay about $360. In the absence of the Chinese visa to get to Lhasa it is possible only as a part of tourist group, according to the group visa. It is possible, naturally, to issue and personal visa in Lhasa, but it will manage to you very expensively (about CNY 300), and the result is in dependence from how excellent contacts to appropriate services of Lhasa are adjusted at your tour operator. Therefore the trip to China without the aid of others across Tibet will be problematichesky.

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Bakhariyapitaniyes oasis, drinks and night life

Food in Baviti healthy, but not impressing, as well as in the majority of other oases. Fried chickens, salad and rice can be eaten in several hotels and campings, but the most part of guests gravitate to Bavitis Popular Restoraunt which makes comprehensive dinners

Yangzi Tszyutszyans pool and Lushan. Natural Chinese sights Lushanya

Caves Lushanya and Chinese garden of TszesinThe trip to China without the aid of others will give you unforgettable memoirs. Occupying about 300 sq.km Lushansky highlands form the elliptic platform inclined to the southwest. The median part of a plateau is occupied

Neil Luksors plain Night life Night life. As rich people of Egypt carry out rest and what night clubs of Egypt are better for avoiding

Noteworthy night clubs of EgyptIf svetozvukovy show in Karnaka is considered one of the best sights of Egypt, night life of Luxor - only a pale shadow of entertainments of Hurghada. Tourists very much are tired of day excursions to go to night clubs of Egypt

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