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Bedu culture. National culture of Egypt in tribes of bedouins

Bedu culture. National culture of Egypt in tribes of bedouins

Men and ladies of Egypt in tribes of bedouins
Though providing with schools, sanitary пт and tanks with water has seduced many bedouins to throw vagrant life, to rent the house Egypt in the small town, others still wander on the desert with the herds. On the way to El-Arish you can fleetingly behold vagrant bedouins in usual clothes: girls in "peacock" dresses with the hair painted with henna, avoiding boys and guys; I will give in dark vestments, in veils or the leather masks topped with spangles - colour of an embroidery on their dresses and capes specifies, whether married they (reddish) or are not present (pigeons). On the horizon you can behold tents бейт шаар («the house of hair»), raskinuty in the desert; ladies of Egypt are responsible for their weaving from goat wool, also they clean, put and put tents when the family moves. At divorce bedouins for the man still have domestic pets, and for the lady - tent.
Cult of animals in old Egypt and in tribes of bedouins
Bedouins perfectly read all traces of the run wild nature of Sinai in the desert, they remember about a cult of animals in old Egypt. Hares and foxes can lead them to water; they hunt on desert рябок, gazelles and the most rare mountain goats (бедан); herds are necessary for protecting from attacks of a jackal (таалеб), a wolf (диб) and hyenas (дхаба). The last has own mythological double, the dkhabiya which, on beliefs, has the power to hypnotise the lonely traveller that it has entered into their den. Other beings having mythological value is the terrible horned viper popular as an abudzhenabiya («The father going sideways») and a fox personifying wisdom and cunning, the loved character in children's parables. Features of culture of Egypt have made for bedouins of a plant even more necessary. They feed up camels prickles under the title гхрагхада; extensively всераспространены vegetative pharmaceutical means. In the middle of many remedies for diseases рабла - a fragrant flower of which do essential oil which is used as a stimulant while sunflower seeds хандл, crushed and mixed with olive oil, are put with a bandage to unhealthy joints or mixed with garlic are used at stings of snakes and scorpions.
National culture of Egypt at bedouins
Telling of stories takes a special place in Bedu culture where poetic images and rhetoric from the Koran naturally fly from lips of the shepherds familiar with rich oral heritage from youth. The national culture of Egypt at the bedouin in particular is original. When the food does not suffice for guests, the kindliness can be expressed in words: «If I knew that you will honour to me, having passed this method, I would cover the road between your house and mine mint and petals of roses». Though professional readers of the Arab poetry are now rare, the most part of bedouins can tell for hours national fairy tales which usually begin the phrase «/San ма Caen.» («Whether was, or was not.» ). Conversation - an expected merit for kindliness of bedouins which usually lasts till 3rd days, everyone is called in honour of a certain stage of a ceremony: sa-lyam (greeting), таам (food acceptance) and келаам (conversation). Choosing rounds for 4 days Egypt, by all means manage to get acquainted with culture of these people. Before there will ascend a morning star for the 4th day, owners help guests to prepare for departure, those who sits up when dew has already dried, accept «as spotty snakes». Honour can be now rendered by 3 portions of tea or coffee, and there is no more need to pin up an animal.

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