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Ayutthaya. The capital of Thailand in the ancient time – Ayutthaya is rich with stately palaces and the most beautiful temples of Thailand

Ayutthaya. The capital of Thailand in the ancient time – Ayutthaya is rich with stately palaces and the most beautiful temples of Thailand

If the trip to Thailand is necessary to you, information provided below will appear to you useful. The most successful and fascinating method of visit located in 88 km to the North from Bangkok the old capital of Ayutthaya (Ayutthaya) — within cruise on the river Chaupkhraya. To remove the dwelling in Thailand it is possible directly here, since the prices in this district on real estate small. «River Sun Cruise» offers everyday trips to Ayutthaya by the conditioned buses with departure in 8. 00 from a mall of "River City Shopping Complex" and return to a pier before the same complex on the converted vessel for fig. transportation. On the way you will see rice fields, the landscapes stretched further on the North, to Nakhonsavan (Nakhon Sawan), factory and warehouse structures.
The capital of Thailand in the ancient time - Ayutthaya
If you the question interests what to have a look in Thailand, we recommend to you to suspend own choice on the imperial residence Bang of Pa Ying (Bang Pa-In; openly: once a day 8. 00-16. 30, entrance paid; ph.: 0-3526-673), which visit is included in an excursion aaplet of the majority of tourist permits to Thailand. This palace complex in an environment of gardens has been constructed at the end of the XIX century, at (Ram's V) king Chulalongkorn. Names of palaces — «A magnificent gaping hut», «A shelter of the wise man» — as are magnificent, as constructions. But the real pearl in the middle of them — a palace Aysavan Tkhipkha-at (Aisawan Thipha-at), or «A divine monastery of a personal liberty», erected among the lake; here Chulalongkorn in the twilight of day thought out the odes.
Having come back to the highway, pass 20 more km — to Ayutthaya, the former capital of Thailand and a cradle of one of its greatest cultures. Where the cattle is now grazed, the remains of old temples tower. Having risen on their steps, you can estimate scales there is no time the big small town plundered by Burmans in 1767. Here in that or other degree have remained 10-ki structures. And if at your order there will be only a day on small town survey, begin with Vat Pkhra Sri Sanpkhet (Wat Phra Sri Sanphet; openly: once a day 8. 00-17. 00, an entrance paid) on Sri Sanphet Road, near a tourist parking where there are popular hotels of Thailand. This temple has been constructed in 1491. There is no time in it there was a 16-metre sculpture of the Buddha covered with gold in weight of 250 kg. In 1767 Burmans have thrown a sculpture to fire, having destroyed finally both the temple, and a sacred image. That you will see here now — is the restored mortars in what it is stored remains of the king by Bohr Tray Lokanat and his 2 otprysky.
Temples of Thailand in Ayutthaya
According to the Thai legend, Ayutthaya has been based by the illegitimate offspring of the princess; it type has conceived it after has eaten an eggplant on which the gardener has celebrated need! To the child have named Yu-Tong (The tsarevitch of a gold cradle), and it became the first in a dynasty from 33 governors, and their kingdom has reincarnated in the biggest and fine in the east. Four with excessive centuries it was the main kingdom of Siam.
Examine the old temple of Thailand - Vat Pkhra Makhatkhat (Wat Phra Mahathat further; openly: once a day 8. 00-18. 00, an entrance paid), one of the finest temple complexes of Ayutthaya, constructed in the 1380th. There is no time in it treasures — precious stones, gold and crystal — also relics of the Buddha which are now shown in the State museum in Bangkok were stored. Temple Ratchaburan's Watt (Wat Ratchaburana; openly: once a day 8. 00-17. 00, the entrance paid) near Vat Makhatkhat has been constructed in the XV century round graves of brothers Ai and Yohe, killed the friend to the friend during fight astride elephants. In крипте the most rare frescos, but everything have remained that it was possible to carry away, is long since stolen or it has appeared in museums.
For the sake of general idea about art of Ayutthaya and old culture of Thailand glance in the State museum Ciao Pkhraya (Chao Sam Phraya National Museum; openly: sr-vs 9. 00-16. 00, entrance paid; ph.: 0-3524-1587), at what the large quantity of perfectly remained statues taken from ruins is exhibited. Here fine bronze Buddhas of XIII and XIV centuries, carved doors of XVII and XVIII centuries with religious, classical and flower motives, a big collection of gold ornaments of the XV century are stored.
End own visit to Ayutthaya visit elephant крааля, placed in several kilometres from the small town. On this specially fenced district hunters there is no time exhausted the run wild elephants (to 200 animals). Them used for imperial service or in the military purposes; snow-white elephants — they met occasionally — were registered on a power emblem. The last catching has been made in 1903, at king Chulalongkorn.

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What to have a look

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