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Abbasiya, Hadaik al-Kubba and Medinet-Nasr Abbasy

Abbasiya, Hadaik al-Kubba and Medinet-Nasr Abbasy

Abbasy's expanded region has received the name from a palace constructed by the grandson of Mohammed Ali, pasha Abbas I, which during own rather short board (1848-1854) feared murderers and held here the saddled camels for flight in case of need to the desert, - the truth, it is unsuccessful, as it was destroyed by own servants. Earlier the area was called Ridaniya and was a place of the last fight мамлюков with the intruded Ottoman Turks who wished to take Cairo. Closer Englishmen have disposed to the centre Abbasiysky barracks (where after defeat at Tel el-Kebir the favourite of nationalists of Orabi has given up); these barracks have been very expanded during war. As well as the main of an army staff-quar.-shooting gallery (still placed in Abbasy), they have been grasped later by "Free officers» during bloodless revolution against the Egyptian monarchy a night on July 22, 1952. Having woken up the next day, Cairo-tsy have learnt about "revolution" under control of general Nagiba - a nominal figure as really revolution was planned by Naser. Till that time while it did not become the public favourite, it potayenno operated country affairs.
Abbasiya's two-faced temper is shown in the neighbourhood of spacious institutes with the overflowed slums, parade-grounds with policlinics. The main highway, Shariya Ramses, separates a zone of oil storages of Al-Sharaby from partially inhabited, partially market quarters Gamr and El-Sakakini. On Shary Saca-kini about Gamra metro station Sakakini's palace in style of the neorococo, constructed in 1898 for the Italian aristocrat is restored. It should open for public soon. And before time if you appear around a palace, all the same it is necessary to look at it to behold his shouting kitschy facade. Perhaps, also to you will carry, and you can assure the security guard to allow to look to you at a magnificent interior with big mirrors, wall lists, painting on ceilings and the ancient lift.
At the end of Shary Sakakini to Medan al-Zakhir there is one of the mosques greatest in Cairo, a mosque Beybarsa Arbaletchika constructed in 1268 and the occupying space of 10 тыщ of square metres. Mighty walls of a mosque hide the wide open yard surrounded with rather heavy arcade. It is the 1st mosque which has been constructed behind city walls. In the XVI century it have stopped to use as a place for prayers, and then Turks used it as a military warehouse, Napoleon as barracks, and Englishmen as a slaughter-house. Restoration has begun in the 1990th, but still lasts. The southeast part of a structure at present is again used as a mosque. Tourists can visit other part. The building of a Coptic cathedral of St. Mark, the residence of Coptic patriarchy constructed in the 1970th is even more perceptible. The persons, wishing to join excursions of pilgrims in monasteries of the Reddish sea, should contact officials of the adjoining St. church. Peter and Pavel (Al-Batrussy) on Shary Ramses (house No. 222).
The tower of Misr-Travel-ta-uer in what the tourism Ministry settles down belongs to number of other sights. It is a tower it is placed in 500 m from the bus terminal Sinai about a skreshcheniye Salakh Salem and Al-Urubakh and at the same distance from engineering faculty of institute of Ayn Shams. Around innumerable clubs (нади) and the schools belonging to trade unions, militias and to the military man are placed.
To reach Abbasiya it is possible by buses (No. 130, 140, 400, 400/, 500, 828 and 955) and minibuses (including No. 27, 35, 35/) which go from the terminal on Tahrir Abdel Munim Riad on Medan Ramses.

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