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Пхимай (Phimai). Thailand — excursions in a known temple complex on border of Cambodia

Пхимай (Phimai). Thailand - excursions in a known temple complex on border of Cambodia

The city of Pkhimay is placed in 60 km to the North from Nakhon Ratchasima in Thailand, excursions there are very popular, since the city is known for an old religious complex at the end of the longish, dusty main street. Constructed, most likely, in the XI century, in board of king Suriyavarman I, and being nearby to the Cambodian border, Pkhimay has been designed by khmer designers and is the predecessor of the stately temple Angkor in Cambodia. During a trip in Thailand you can behold more perceptible part of a complex — four gate, to greatest of which conducts the bridge protected by lions. The elegant arcade is decorated by a skilful carving on a stone with the image of flowers, elephants and monkeys.
In a courtyard there are two small пранга (Prang Hin Dayeng and Prang Pkhromatkhat), and in the centre the openwork tower with doors and crossing points over them, covered with a carving on Mahajana plots towers. In a garden surrounding construction, the museum open-air with a collection of old friezes, statues and the door crossing points topped with images of the Buddha, gods and monkeys has taken place. Many tourists are interested what to take to Thailand, we recommend – the camera to remove inimitable exotic of this country.

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What to have a look

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