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Mini equipment for paving slab producing

We produce and sell paving slab machine. Worldwide delivery.

Tandem-2 Machine Video during a process:

Вибростанок тротуарной плитки тандем-2

The vibro- paving slab machine

Станок изготовления для тротуарной плитки

The vibro - paving slab machine

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PRICE - 450$
Duty-free delivery is making by EMC delivery international company: http://dpsz.ua/en/pages/tarif_ems

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Delivery in CIS and foreign international transport company EMC - without costumes control

Stationary vibration installations for the production of paving tiles "TANDEM - 2".

Vibration installations Tandem-2 is intended for the manufacture of paving slabs by vibrocompression permanently, followed by drying tiles on pallets.

Our plant can produce up to 1500 pieces of paving slabs per 8-hour shift, or up to 25 square meters of paving slabs. The quality of products meets state standards.


Productivity: 1500 pcs (25 square meters) per shift

The installed capacity of the drive: 300 W

Total effort vibropressing - about 0.5 tons

Power supply: 220 V (single-phase household)

The number of cycles : 3000 vol. / Min

Capacity: - 0,655 m3, unassembled may reduce the volume space to 0,15m3

Overall dimensions: - mm - 950 x 600 x 1150 mm

Weight: 85 - kg

The price of the machine - $ 450

Dimensions paving slabs produced on the machine:

Тротуарная плитка Старый город - размеры

Размеры Старый город

Брусчатка тротуарная плитка кирпичик - размеры

Брусчатка кирпичик - размеры

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