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Combi feeding granulator

Granulator fodder for household cooking conditioned pellets cooked crisp feed. Capacity up to 60kg / h.

Specification of small pellet machine
[20:10:01] vsegda_nadezhda: Power 2.2kW. 220 or 380
Possibility to install matrixes with holes from 2mm.
Dimensions assembled (LxWxH), mm = 700h4000h600
Weight = 65kg with motor
Weight = 44kg without motor.
The outer diameter of 120mm matrix. Number of rollers - 2 pcs (stationary).

We produce and sell pellets and feed granulators
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Produce matrix with diameters from 2mm.

Price - $ 360
Price INCLUDES shipping to different countries - from $ 600 to $ 900 depending on the country

Photo granulators (and solomkorezka):

Гранулятор комбикромов и пеллет бытовой

Гранулятор комбикормов и пеллет бытовой

Kombikromov pelletizer and pellets of home
Granulator of feed pellets and household

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