The welding of aluminium and its alloys

MIG welding

7.1 Introduction

The metal arc inert gas shielded process, EN process number 131, also known as MIG, MAGS or GMAW, was first used in the USA in the mid 1940s. Since those early days the process has found extensive use in a wide range of indus­tries from automotive manufacture to cross-country pipelines. It is an arc welding process that uses a continuously fed wire both as electrode and as filler metal, the arc and the weld pool being protected by an inert gas shield. It offers the advantages of high welding speeds, smaller heat affected zones than TIG welding, excellent oxide film removal during welding and an all- positional welding capability. For these reasons MIG welding is the most widely used manual arc welding process for the joining of aluminium.

The welding of aluminium and its alloys

Alloy designations: wrought products

Table A.4 BS EN BS EN Old BS/DTD Temperature (°C) numerical chemical number designation designation Liquidus Solidus IVIdUng range Al 99.99 1 660 660 0 AW-1080A Al 99.8 1A AW-1070A …

Principal alloy designations: cast products

Table A.3 BS EN numerical designation BS EN chemical designation Old BS number ANSI designation Temperature (°C) Liquidus Solidus Melting range Al 99.5 LM0 640 658 18 AC-46100 Al Si10Cu2Fe …

Physical, mechanical and chemical properties at 20°C

Table A.2 Property Aluminium Iron Nickel Copper Titanium Crystal structure FCC BCC FCC FCC HCP Density (gm/cm3) 2.7 7.85 8.9 8.93 4.5 Melting point (°C) 660 1536 1455 1083 1670 …

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