The themes of technological innovation, entrepreneurship, and organizing

Life-Cycle Assessment and SOI

The life cycle dimension refers to the physical life cycle of a product from resources extraction to end-of-life treatment. Life-cycle assessment (LCA) has become a major research field in literature (Kloeppfer, 2008; Mont, 2004; Spille - maeckers & Vanhoutte, 2006), though it also has some limitations (Schaltegger, 1997). Whilst the emphasis in life-cycle assessment has been on environmental considerations, integrated sustain­ability analysis has gained research attention as well (Spillemaeckers & Vanhoutte, 2006). Table 1 shows a matrix based on the life-cycle dimension and the triple-bottom line.

The themes of technological innovation, entrepreneurship, and organizing

About the Contributors

Farley S. Nobre (PhD, MSc, BSc) is Professor at the School of Management of Federal University of Parana, Brazil. His research interests include organizations, knowledge management systems, innova­tion and sustainability. …

The Roles of Cognitive Machines in Customer — Centric Organizations: Towards Innovations in Computational Organizational Management Networks

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Tools That Drive Innovation: The Role of Information Systems in Innovative Organizations

Jason G. Caudill Carson-Newman College, USA ABSTRACT The purpose of this chapter is to examine computer technology as a tool to support innovation and innovative processes. The primary problem that …

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