Apart from the setting out on the paper, putting on the dimensions is the most difficult aspect of technical drawing. Figure 330A illustrates some of the drawing conventions recommended.

If should be noted that:

1 Dimension lines are placed well clear of the part dimensioned.

2 The figures read straight down from the top, or from left to right.

3 Smaller dimensions are shown inside larger dimensions.

4 Except where unavoidable, no dimensions appear on the actual piece drawn.

Three recognized conventions to indicate the limits of any dimensions are shown:

A Arrow heads at the end of the dimension line.

B A dot where the dimension line and the limit line cross.

C A short line at 45 degrees instead of a dot at the intersection.

A convention to show a wood screw is also shown.

A further convention is used on the section in that a double line is used to indicate that the joint between the two pieces is a sliding fit.

Figure 330B shows an inked-in drawing which is to be kept permanently in a drawing/ production office. This is also useful if the drawing is going to a client or a contractor, and therefore likely to be reproduced many times on a dyeline machine.

If the drawing number, which is also the job number, is clearly set out in heavy type at the same place on each drawing it makes for quick and convenient sorting and retrieval from the filing system.

It should be emphasized that to make a beautifully finished ink drawing on strong tracing paper, solely for use in the workshop, is a waste of time and materials.

Scale drawings

As already mentioned scale drawings prepared by the designer are not concerned with visual aspects (perspectives, etc.), but with the accurate outline representation of the object to be made, drawn to a representative fraction of the full size.

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