Cutting lists are prepared from the full-size drawings and rods and precisely enumerate all the individual pieces of wood required. They can be dead nett or finished dimension, allowing only for jointing, or including the standard allowances for cutting, etc. 1/2 in (12.5 mm) on each length and 3/16 in (5 mm) (3/32 in [2.5 mm] per wrot face) in the width (thicknesses are always actual). The finished - dimension list is probably less confusing, while each piece can be easily identified on the drawing. Where tenons, dovetails or housings, etc. occur it is easier to measure right across the carcass or framework, not just the shoulder length of the bridging-piece plus the length of the tenons, etc. A specimen cutting list for the cocktail cabinet illustrated in 436 and 437 is shown below. The dimensions are net through­out with allowances for jointing. Requisitions for brasswork and ironmongery can be made on the same list or on a separate schedule.


Jigs are work-holders or guides for shaping; thus the bench-hook is a simple form of jig to support small sections of wood during cutting. They are widely used in machine-work, parti­cularly in spindle moulding and routering, and the reader is referred to machine-handbooks for details. The term 'jigsaw' is an abbreviation of 'jigger' saw and has no connection.


Templates or patterns will be required for curved and shaped details, mouldings, etc. These can be cut from thick card. .06 in (1.5 mm) ply or zinc sheet according to the amount of use; while the outlines can be traced with carbon paper, by rubbing the back of the drawing with a soft lead pencil and then tracing through, or by pricking through with a needle. The templates must be dead accurate and carefully sanded or filed to the correct outline, with the position of any abutting member, i. e. rail to leg, pencilled in. A simple card template for a shaped leg is illustrated in 328, and careful setting out will save valuable wood as shown.

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Where no previous records are available the proprietor must assess his own capabilities and those of his employees. Common joinery items are usually in softwood of fairly large dimensions, with …

Costs of man-hours

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Appendix: Costing and estimating

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