Here are four strategies for fueling a healthy, sustainable enthusiasm for your new venture:

1. Clear your way. Free up energy by relinquishing old obliga­tions or time-wasters that no longer align with your startup priorities.

2. Feed your curiosity. Learn everything you can about your business concept, the markets you are entering, and the play­ers and competitors in the industry. The more you learn, the more confidence and energy you will bring to your founding role.

3. Refill your tank. Pay attention to how you perform, how you recover, what renews you, and what depletes you. Based on these observations, build regular routines and rituals to con­tinually strengthen your energy and performance.

4. Welcome adversity. In startups, as in life, we cannot predict the future, nor can we fully protect ourselves from the challenges and crises to come. Adversity can strengthen an entrepreneur and a team like no other force, especially when approached with the attitude captured by German diplomat and psy­chotherapist Karlfried Von Durkheim, who said, “Only to the extent that a man exposes himself over and over again to an­nihilation, can that which is indestructible arise within him.

In this lies the dignity of daring.”17


Resources and Readings

Thanks to Internet search technology and social media interconnec­tivity, answers to most entrepreneurial questions can be found with a few clicks. I have attempted to list sources beyond the usual …

Startup Readiness Tool

This tool can be used to: ■ Evaluate and improve a founding team’s readiness to launch a business ■ Calibrate the timing of a startup effort (accelerate or delay) ■ …


The deepest form of entrepreneurial commitment acknowledges and accepts that there are forces in the marketplace that are beyond the founder’s control, forces that will impact the venture’s destiny for …

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