Early Warning Signs: Are You in Danger of Being Trapped?

It’s hard to differentiate between healthy optimism and blind opti­mism. Below is a list of early warning signs to help you evaluate whether you are in danger of undercutting your odds of startup suc­cess. The more accurately the following sentences describe you or

Your startup, the more likely you are exposing your new business to unnecessary risk. Are you. . .

■ Thinking or saying, “This is a sure thing?”

■ Losing patience with people who point out risks or shortcomings in your plan?

■ Believing your solution is better than anything on the market?

■ Feeling full of energy but lacking focus and traction?

■ Measuring progress by how good you feel?

■ Expecting most of your sales to come from word-of-mouth or “viral” marketing?

■ Assuming that you are entering a space with little or no competition?

■ Counting on immediate revenue to avoid financial problems?

■ Plotting global domination before releasing your first product?

■ Lacking clarity about where your business stands financially?

■ Delaying product releases until they are perfect?

■ Preventing things from happening without your involvement and approval?

■ Loving your product, with no idea who will buy it?

■ Hearing great “buzz” but finding few (or no) paying customers?

■ Finding yourself saying (about your customers), “They don’t get it yet, but they will!”?

■ Thinking that planning is a waste of time?


Resources and Readings

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