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I Want My Daughter to Follow Her Dreams, Even If She Hasn’t Picked One Yet

My daughter loves music; it’s kind of her jam. As an infant she would be instantly soothed by certain songs and started humming recognizable tunes months before she could speak. She can pick up a song after hearing it once or twice and has a great ear, singing melodies with surprising accuracy. As I introduce her to my favorite childhood songs from The Sound of Music and Annie and see the joy on her face as she twirls around the house singing “My Favorite Things” and “Tomorrow,” I can’t help but think ahead to the future and what this love for music might hold. Sometimes I envision her playing an instrument, singing choir solos in high school, or maybe even being a performer on a Broadway stage … Mama daydreams. But, as much as I would love to see my daughter pursue music as she gets older, I am careful to toe the fine line between being encouraging and being pushy. This is exactly what the mom of 15-year-old Citizen Kid Courtney did:

Courtney always showed a love for animals. By the time she was eight years old, she was begging to volunteer at her local veterinarian clinic. They agreed as long as her mom sat in with her, and at 10 years old, Courtney became a certified veterinarian assistant. I want to raise Citizen Kids like Courtney. I just want to help her explore her interests, find what she loves, and become the best she can be. Whatever that looks like, I will be happy. Milk powers the potential of ordinary kids to do extraordinary things. Learn more about #CitizenKid and Milk Life.

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parenting babble

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